South African Pioneer


South African Pioneer, March 1898
South African Pioneer, March 1898



In 1889 the Cape General Mission was formed with a council in London and a ministry in South Africa. Murray held the position of President of the South African Council, an office he continued to fill to the end of his life. The name was later changed to the South Africa General Mission in 1894 to reflect a merger with the Southeast Africa Evangelistic Mission. The South African Pioneer was the official publication of the organization. Most of the magazines included one article from Murray. For many years I have been looking for the South African Pioneer but never succeeded until recently. This is a treasure trove on the ministry Murray led to reach South Africa. There are articles by others affiliated with the ministry as well, also announcements and other information on week-long convocations for deepening spirituality.


South African Pioneer Articles

South African Pioneer March, 1898

Andrew Murray: The Cross of Christ: Making the Cross of Non-Effect

This is a very thought-provoking article on the things that make of non-effect the cross of Christ. Please read!

Appeal To Join The Prayer Union

Andrew Murray appealed for more people in the colonies to pray for there mission. 

B. Porter: To Our Helpers At Home

In this brief article, an appeal is made for people at home to seriously take up the work of supporting those who are on the front lines with the enemy.