Some Revival Questions Answered


The following questions are often asked regarding revival. There are obviously various opinions on the subject depending on a person's understanding of election, however there have been similarities in the various great revival movements of history and we can learn much by studying about them. The thoughts and quotes that follow share some of those similarities.

What is Revival?

Revivals are days of extraordinary blessings when the manifest presence of God brings conviction of sin, a new willingness to make confession and make things right—including restitution, and a sharing of the the new found forgiveness, that results in others seeking the same experience. Revivals come in various ways, including preaching, testimonies, prayer, and the impact of devastating events that brings about a greater openness to spiritual things. (Learn more about revival by reading more scriptures and quotations on the subject.)

What is God's Purpose In Bringing Revival?


Why Do People Object to Revivals?


What brings revival?


What is the process of revival?


What are the typical components of revival?


What hinders revival?


What are the dangers of revival?


Why do people object to revival?