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Prevailing Prayer - Calgary 2010

Dan Augsburger

This series was given in Calgary Canada in March of 2010. A large crowd came out every evening to learn more about prayer and the Spirit was very active. This was one of the most blessed series I have ever given. I believe everyone that attended was deeply impacted by the experience. 



Prevailing Prayer Syllabus (downloadable pdf)

You can follow read the quotes used in this presentation by downloading this pdf. The numbers mentioned in the lectures refer to the "line numbers" on the left hand side. during the series some people had an older syllabus and thus were also given line numbers for their edition of the syllabus.


Prevailing Prayer - Calgary Audio

Prevailing Promises

In this segment I share Scriptures and quotations relating to the many assurances that God has given regarding answering our prayers.

Prevailing Authority

In this segment I consider some of the specific things we can do in asking: (1) ask; (2) Ask specifically; (3) Ask in Jesus' name; and (4) Ask expectantly.

Prevailing Objectives

In this segment I consider the important topic of praying according to God's will to get answers, and how we can determine that will.

Prevailing People

Some people seem to get more answers than others. Why? In this portion of the series I look at some of the factors that impact a person obtaining answers to prayerl

Prevailing Relationships

In Prevailing Relationships, I look at the importance of unity when we are seeking answers to prayer.

Prevailing Remedies - Intercession

This segment, the first of several on specific kinds of prayer, looks at intercessory prayer, explaining how it works, and other information that will help you better succeed in praying.

Prevailing Remedies - Healing

Healing is an oft repeated request for prayer. Sometimes God answers; sometimes He does not! Why? In this series we look at various scenarios of the Bible where prayers for healing went up, and the varied outcomes, seeking to understand the differences.

Prevailing Outcomes - Persistence and Praise

In the final segment of the series we consider the importance of persisting and praising to get answers to prayer. Though we sometimes get quick answers to prayer, sometimes they take much longer. George Müller who said he had obtained 50,000 answers to prayer in his life, 30,000 of them on the same day they were offered, said he had been praying for more than 52 years for the two sons of a friend of his. He asserted the danger was not that God would not answer, but that God's people would stop praying. Both of the sons, by the way, were saved, one a little before Müller's death, and the other shortly afterwards.