Rosalind's Conversion

Rosalind Goforth

When I was twelve years old, I heard Mr. Alfred Sandham speak at a revival meeting, on John 3:16. As he presented with great intensity and fervour, the picture of the love of God, I yielded myself absolutely to the Lord Jesus Christ and stood up among others, publicly confessing Him as my Master.

On the way home from that meeting, I was told again and again how foolish it was for me to think I could possibly be sure Christ had received me. So early the next morning, I got my Bible, and turning the pages over and over, I prayed that I might get some word which would assure me Christ had really received me. At last I came to John 6:37, “Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.” These words settled that difficulty …

Then another difficulty arose. I was told I was too young to be received, and again I went to my Bible and turned the pages to see if there was any message to meet that problem, and I came, after searching a long time, to these words, “Those that seek me early shall find me” (Prov. 8:17). On these two texts I took my stand and have never doubted since then that I was the Lord’s child.—From Goforth of China