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An Early Recollection on Prayer

Rosalind Goforth

My most precious recollections of early childhood are associated with stories told us by our mother, many of which illustrated the power of prayer.

One that made an especially deep impression upon me was about our grandfather, who as a little boy went to visit cousins in the south of England, their home being situated close to a dense forest. One day the children, lured by the beautiful wild flowers, became hopelessly lost in the woods. After trying in vain to find a way out, the eldest, a young girl, called the frightened, crying little ones around her and said:

"When Mother died she told us to always tell Jesus if we were in any trouble. Let us kneel down, and ask Him to take us home."

They knelt, and as she prayed one of the little ones opened his eyes to find a bird so close to his hand that he reached out for it. The bird hopped away, but kept close to the child as if to lead him on. Soon all were joining in the chase after the bird, which flew or hopped in front or just above, and sometimes on the ground almost within reach. Then suddenly it flew into the air and away.  The children looked up to find themselves oil tile edge of the woods and in sight of home.—How I Know God Answers Prayer