Quotes About The Korean Revival


A Most Wonderful Manifestation of the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

"We are having the most wonderful manifestations of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the native church that I have ever seen or heard, perhaps there has been no greater demonstration of Divine power since the Apostles' days. At every meeting the slain of the Lord are laid out all over the church and sometimes out in the yard. Men and women are (stricken down and become unconscious under the power of conviction. The whole city is mourning as the people mourn for their dead. Many spend whole nights in their homes agonizing in prayer, either for their own pardon or in behalf of others, who have not yet been converted. This move seems almost confined to people whom we had regarded as Christians. At the present no one thinks of leading in prayer at any meeting after the first prayer is offered. The people break out in spontaneous prayer. Hundreds of voices fill the church with a murmur that has no more discord than would the notes from so many instruments of music. "I wish you were here to take part in it. And I hope and pray that the outpouring of the Spirit may be given to Seoul. Perhaps you are also now in the midst of it. We have unitedly as a community been much in prayer to this end. There is much that I would like to write but have not time."—W. A. Noble