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The Prayer of Faith

Wesley Duewel

“The prayer of faith is a prayer that reaches through, consciously touches God’s throne, and then rests unshakably in the assurance that the answer will come in God’s time.

1. It is prayer totally dependent upon the Holy Spirit.

2. It is a prayer totally committed to seeing God’s answer realized.

3. It is a prayer willing to believe and prevail for God’s answer in a situation that is utterly impossible.

4. It is prayer that believes regardless of feelings or emotions.

5. It is prayer convinced that it is in accord with God’s highest will.

6. It is prayer so sure of God’s will that it will not accept denial of the answer.

7. It is eager to obey God in any way He leads so as to help hasten the answer.

8. It may include prayer warfare in resisting and routing Satan.

9. It is willing to pray through every detail of the answer or victory.

—from Wesley Duewel’s Mighty Prevailing Prayer, pp. 100-102


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