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The Omnipotent Power of Prevailing Prayer

James McConkey

“If ye ask, I will do.” John 14:14 

“God, the eternal God of the universe, stands, as it were, like an almighty servant and says, “If you, my child, will only pray I will work; if you will only be busy with asking I will see to the doing. Not only does He bestow at our crying, but He acts. Not only does our praying evoke Hs bounty, it sets in motion His omnipotence. Wherefore, as we enter into the secret chamber of prayer, nothing will so stir us to mighty intercession, nothing will so soon make us master-pleaders with God for a lost world, as to whisper to our own soul, again and again this wonderful truth, “while I am praying God is really doing that which I am asking.”

Thus to the child of God bowed in prayer that the gospel may be sent to the dark land, though he may not see it, yet as he prays God baffles the powers of darkness; as he prays God moves the hearts of kings; as he prays God breaks down the barriers to evangelization; as he prays God loosens the bands of superstitions; as he prays God opens up the pathways to forbidden lands; as he prays God unclasps the purses of His children; as he prays God raises up and thrusts forth the gospel messengers to the whitened harvests. As he is praying God is doing. This is explicitly asserted. “Search my word,” says our Lord. “Find out clearly in it what My will is concerning the world. Pray according to that will. Then as you pray, 'Lord, thrust forth laborers into the harvest,' I thrust them forth! As you pray, 'Lord break down the obstacles,' I break them down! As you pray, 'Lord stir men's heart to give,' I stir them! Whatsoever ye ask in my name, I do.”

Beloved, what a tremendous responsibility is ours! What a unique privilege! That all the power of an omnipotent god is ready and waiting to be put into triumphant irresistible action at the prayer of one of His children! That the very hosts of heaven are marshaled against the powers of darkness at that importunate call of yours which is according to the will of God! He declares that all power in heaven and earth is His, and then, as it were, places Himself at our disposal and says, “Now my child you pray and I will work; you ask and I will do!” James McConkey, Prayer