"> '); Prevailing Intercessory Prayer : George Müller: Summary, Narrative Second Edition 1841

Narrative Second Edition

George Müller


I. As to the church.

68 brethren and sisters brother Craik and I found in communion, when we came to Bristol.

687 have been admitted into communion since we came to Bristol.

755 would be, therefore, the total number of those in fellowship with us, had there been no changes. But

79 have left Bristol.

55 have left us, but are still in Bristol.

44 are under church discipline.

52 have fallen asleep.

230 are therefore to be deducted from 755, so that there are only 525 at present in communion.

114 have been added during the past year, of whom 47 have been brought to the knowledge of the Lord among us, 24 besides, though they knew the Lord, had never been in fellowship any where; 43 had been at some time or other in fellowship, but most of them with saints not residing in Bristol.

II. As to the supply of my temporal necessities:

1. The Lord has been pleased to send me by the Freewill Offerings of the saints among whom I labour, through the instrumentality of the boxes £128 5s. 10 1/2d.

2. Through saints in and out of Bristol, by presents in money £100 5s. 1d.

3. Through family connection £8 18s. 0d.

4. In provisions, clothes, etc. worth to us at least £5 0s. 0d.

Altogether £242 8s. 11 1/2d.