The Still Hour


Communion with God

Austin Phelps

Lothrop Publishing, Boston, MA, 1885, 1893

Table of Contents

1. Absence of God in Prayer

“Oh That Knew Where I Might Find Him!” Job 23:3 

2. Unhallowed Prayer

“What is the Hope of the Hypocrite? Will God Hear His Cry?” John 27:8,9

3. Romance in Prayer

“If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me. Ps. 66:18

4. Distrust in Prayer

What Profit Should We Have if We Pray Unto Him? Job 21 :15.

5. Faith in Prayer

As a Prince Hast Thou Power With God Gen. 32:28.

6. Specific and Intense Prayer

As the Hart Panteth After the Water-Brook Ps. 42:1

7. Temperment of Prayer

The disciple whom Jesus loved. John 21:7

8. Indolence in Prayer

9. Idolatry in Prayer

Ye Have Brought that Which was Torn, and the Lame, and the Sick. 

Should I Accept This of Your Hand? Mal. 1:13

10. Continuance in Prayer

Could Ye Not Watch With Me One Hour? Matt. 26: 40.

11. Fragmentary Prayer

12. Aid of the Holy Spirit in Prayer

13. Reality of Christ in Prayer

14. Modern Habits of Prayer

15. Faith