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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

What does it mean to be too busy? That is a question I often ponder and one I suspect you ponder too. Is there such a thing? When you read of Jesus going and praying through the night and appearing in the early morning hours, it is hard not to question his personal temperance. I know questioning what Jesus was doing isn’t the first thing one thinks of doing, but are there limits?

I choose not to suggest an answer, since I believe God apparently grants supernatural strength to those who are living for Him. Note the following example of Gerhard Tersteegen, the German Pietist, who was greatly used of God in his day.

Tersteegen was in ministry in the early 1700s. Though he was naturally reclusive, yet he had such a relationship with Jesus that God began sending people to him from far and near.

“For thirty years, starting at the age of 30, he remained incessantly busy doing good to others, though his own health was always delicate, and from time to time he had severe attacks of illness and of neuralgic pain. From morning to night he never had a moment to himself; the number of those who flocked to him for counsel was so great that there were frequently twenty or thirty persons waiting in his outer room for a chance to speak with him, while his meetings were always attended by as many as could crowd into the rooms of the ground floor of his little house—about four hundred people. People came to him from England, Holland, Sweden, and Switzerland; sick person would send for him, and he would pass hours or whole nights at their bedside. If he went into the neighboring country for rest, people would watch for him by the roadside and carry him off to the nearest barn, where a congregation would immediately assemble. He had an immense correspondence, and new editions of his hymns and other religious works were constantly demanded. To his quiet temperament this incessant labor and absence of solitude was most uncongenial, but he accepted it willing as his appointed task…. In all his dealings, it is recorded, he was most ‘circumspect, punctual, and practical,’ though ready to set aside his ordered plans at any call of obvious duty.” (H. E. Govan, Gerhard Tersteegen: Life and Selections)

Something tells me I need to first make sure I have an authentic relationship with Jesus, such that my work is really the work He has chosen for me, and that I have something real and personal to share—religion is more caught than taught.

What do you think?

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