The Love of Christ Constrains…!

What motivates you to be a Christian? Blessings? Friends? Fear? Salvation? Love?

I just posted a chapter from Griffith John’s book, Voice From China where he considers the motives that drive us in serving Christ. After considering the various motives, he lists the ones that SHOULD drive us, particularly the love of Christ.

Griffith John was a missionary with the London Missionary Society who served in China and was a contemporary of Hudson Taylor. He isn’t very well known in our day, but what he shares is wonderful.

Here is one quote from the chapter:

“The love of Christ constraineth us.”

“The love of Christ to me-to me personally-constrains me to live to Him and for Him. He died for me; my life is His. He suffered for me; I will suffer for Him. He lives for me; I will live for Him. I will work for His sake; I will give for His sake; I will endure for His sake. There is nothing I would not do to please Him. He is my Lord and my Saviour. He loved me and gave Himself for me. I owe Him an infinite debt, a debt which is always due, and which I can never pay off. All I can do is to lay myself on the altar, and say: Lord Jesus take me, take me as I am, and use me as Thou wilt. This is a grand motive-the love of Christ to us, to each one of us personally. Let us come under the influence of this mighty motive, and we shall cease to find His service, whether in working or in giving, a burden. We shall serve the Lord with gladness, and day by day come before His presence with a song of joy. And there is Christ’s love for the whole world-for all men. “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.” “He died for all.” “He is the Saviour of all men.” All men are His. His love embraces all, and He desires the salvation of all. It may be hard sometimes to love the heathen, and to make a great sacrifice on their behalf. You may find it difficult to do it for their sakes merely. Do it then for His sake. “I would work for the slave for his own sake,” said Henry Ward Beecher on one occasion, “but I am sure that I would work ten times as earnestly for the slave for Christ’s sake.”

Click on the link to find all the Supreme Motive in Missions chapter.

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