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Monday, April 30th, 2007

I’m a much blessed follower of the Lord Jesus and am pleased that the web affords an easy way to witness for Him on a global basis.

I hope I have one passion, Jesus! like Count Nicholas Zinzendorf of the Moravians. He made his commitment to Jesus at the age of 4. I’m a bit further along than 4:), but it is never too late to get serious with God.

I love God, I love my family, I love people, books (books of the great Christians, particularly from the 1600s to the early 1900s), sharing what I am finding with others, making friends in many parts of the world, and seeking to make a bit of a difference wherever God happens to place me.

I’m a Dad with two daughters, and am part of a large family, either by way of human blood that is European (Swiss, French, German, Dutch), and a global family by the blood of Jesus. Mom was a nurse—and tells everyone about it; Dad taught church history—said he never worked a day of his life…that he only had fun! I used to believe in original sin until my daughters came along and then I had second thoughts. Now, I know that there is—I’m praying for them, but they are darlings and are great treasures in my life

God has blessed me with a global circle of godly friends who pray with and for me, who have immeasurably blessed my life. I cannot begin to name them—there are too many—for which I am so grateful.

I am also very grateful to be part of a small group family that lives their experience with Jesus. I hope you are a part of a small group; the blessings cannot be counted.

I spend my time on the road speaking, keeping an eye on my Mom, preparing for future assignments, uploading stuff to—you should visit; there are many resources, hanging out with friends and LOTS of reading—preferably old books of people who really knew the Lord.

Some of the people I wish I could have spent time: Hudson Taylor, George Muller, Gerhard Tersteegen, William Burns, S D Gordon, Charles Trumbull, F B Meyer, Andrew Murray Nicholas Zinzendorf, Anna Nitschman, August Francke, John Wesley, Charles Wesley and his wife, George Whitefield, to name just a few.

Neat things done in the last year include speaking in NZ three times, Fiji twice, England, France, multiple times in Canada and the US. Like I said, I am very blessed!

Finally some secret dreams: my entire family being thoroughly surrendered to the Lord Jesus, part of a global circle of intercessors like the Moravians maintained for 100 years, part of a genuine revival like William Burns was a part of, to have a constant in His presence relationship to God, to be an active fruit-bearing witness for Jesus like Praying Hyde, and to see Jesus coming in person.