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Saturday, October 13th, 2007

As you may have figured out, I love reading old books. It’s not that I’m into old bindings, but I’m into the glorious message of what God can do in and through His children that isn’t as clearly articulated in our day.

When thinking of books on witnessing, one book that comes to mind is Conant’s Every Member Evangelism. This is a wonderful book and I’ve been adding chapters to

Here are some quotations that were meaningful to me. I hope you are also blessed!

The command to go “is a personal, individual command to every child of God to go into his own personal world and do soul-winning witnessing to every creature…. We are never told to ‘either go or send.’ It is God’s prerogative to send; not ours. We are commanded to do one thing only, and that is to GO. And that is a command that cannot be obeyed by proxy; it can be obeyed only in person.” J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, (NY, Evanston: Harper & Row, 1922) p. x

“While the Great Commission is sufficient authority for every-member-evangelism, it is not and cannot become sufficient motive. We may be authorized, and urged, and commanded to take the Gospel in person to the lost, but the power to go does not lie in a command; it lies in a Person.” J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, p. xi

“It is not we who win the lost by the help of Christ, it is Christ himself who does the soul-winning through the lives and lips of yielded disciples. And so it is not so much a question either of equipment or lack of it, as it is a question of his absolute possession and control, by the Holy Spirit, of whatever equipment we may have.” J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, p. xi

“We are to discover that every Christian without exception, is to do this work; then we are to learn that no Christian, no matter what his capacity and training, can possibly do it; then we are to find that he whose commands are always his enablings is the only one who can do it, and that he will and does do it through every yielded disciple…” J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, p. xii

“It was the private witnessing of all the disciples, reaching its climax and culmination in the public witnessing of one disciple, that brought the results of that day. In other words, Peter’s sermon was the climax of that which had preceded; and if the private witnessing had not preceded the public witnessing, there is not the least likelihood that any such results would have followed.” J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, p. 14

“All over the land to-day there are churches that are practically powerless and fruitless because they are giving themselves over to multiplied forms of service which are not a direct appeal to the lost to receive Christ. The church that makes that appeal its one great business is always prosperous and powerful, and its growth is both certain in numbers and symmetrical in spiritual character.” J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, p. 22

“Pastors and evangelists are not appointed to be the professional soul-winners of the Church, but ‘for the perfecting of God’s people in their appointed service’ of witnessing and soul-winning.” J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, p. 22

“The main business of the pastor is not the preparation and delivery of sermons and addresses so much as the development, whether by sermon or by any other method, of every member in his church into a soul-winner. His sermons-at least those to Christians-ought always to have this in view.” J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, p. 24

“The Lord has given every pastor to his Church that he may train the members in soul-winning , even to the point of going right out on to the field with them and doing it by their side, or helping them to do it until they learn how, using the skilled ones in turn to help train beginners, until there is a church full of skilled and successful soul-winners.” J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, p. 25

“No one can ever learn how to win the lost by studying books or listening to sermons and to addresses…. He can learn how only by going out into the field and doing it.” J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, p. 25

“The Church is set in the world to win the lost to Christ. Anything that will open the way for more effective witnessing to Christ is, therefore not out of harmony with the mission of the Church…. The moment it (social service) descends to a mere sympathetic and humanitarian relief of human need, with no reference to direct soul-wining work, it ceases to be a proper activity of the Church as such. J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, p. 28

“’The poor always ye have with you’ (John 13:8), said Christ when he was on earth, and he himself had great compassion for the sick and afflicted. But you will notice that he only began at the blind man’s eyes, the lame man’s feet, and the deaf man’s ears, and that then he kept on going, until he got to their sin and gave them forgiveness.” J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, p. 28

“When we begin to go in obedience to the divine command and in the fullness of the divine power, then the lost of the world will begin to come. We can never expect the world to come to us for the message; we must go to them with the message.” J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, p. 31

“We cannot build a finely appointed spiritual fishing station on a prominent corner, and then expect the fish to come hurrying in from everywhere to be caught, even when we put on a special fishing campaign. If we are to catch men for Christ we must go where they are.” J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, p. 32

“The Lord never commanded us to pray for a harvest! But why not? Because the harvest is always white and ready to be gathered. But he did command us to pray for harvesters. The supreme and crying need is for harvesters to go out into the field after the harvest, for the harvest will never come in out of the fild to be gathered.” J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, p. 33

“Once let a Christian become obedient and go with the Gospel into his own world, and he will be on fire with enthusiasm to co-operate, financially and in every other way, with those who need help to go into their personal worlds.” J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, p. 34

“We are authorized, not to say commanded, to divide the field in which we are located, and into which we are to go with our testimony, into such districts as will enable us systematically to cover the whole field with our message.” J.E. Conant, Every Member Evangelism, p. 36

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