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Some Thoughts on Prayer

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

“The evangelization of the world in this generation depends first of all upon a revival of prayer.” Rober Speer

“Prayer and missions are as inseparable as faith and works, because it is by prayer that the laborers must be provided. “Pray ye …therefore the Lord of the harvest that He send forth laborers into His harvest.” We think of laborers too often as being just those who have gone out on the fields. Those of us who pray are laborers too, and such laborers are also needed.” Anonymous

“We talk a great deal about ways of doing things. We plan and organize and are willing to work very hard but we do not pray. We are willing to spend the whole afternoon in club meeting, in committee meetings or in social visiting, but cannot take time to pray together. Besides the regular missionary meeting we should have in all of our societies special meetings for prayer.”

“I would rather train ten men to pray than a hundred men to preach.” We cannot all preach, but we ought all be able to pray.” George MacGregor

“Missions begun in prayer, are sustained in prayer and will spread only as those who love them unite in a fellowship of hearts to advance upon their knees.” Mrs. Montgomery

“Believing, intercessory, fervent, loving, undiscouraged and unselfish prayer will win the whole church to sympathy with the great purpose of the Master.”

These were found in the Herald of Gospel Liberty, Vol. 103

My heart is cheered that many young adults have decided to commit quality time to praying early in the day and at other times. I believe we all need to do the same thing. It will raise the spiritual temperature in our hearts and in the lives of those around us.

Won’t you join us in praying!

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I Have Ordained That You Bring Forth Fruit

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

The title to this note is suggested by John 15:16, where Jesus assured the disciples that He had chosen and appointed them to bear fruit, and that the fruit borne would remain.

These words touch my heart. These words not only speak to what God is looking for by way of outcome, but also that He has specifically chosen me to be part of the fruit-bearing process, and that somehow the fruit will remain in spite of how unqualified I feel at times—frankly, on some days any fruit seems like a major achievement:)

Of course I need to make fruit-bearing the GREAT purpose of my life. I obviously have many things to do in life, but none of those other things should take the place of fruit-bearing.

What is the fruit? There is some confusion here, the suggestion sometimes being made that the fruit is the person that we have touched here and there, being the fruit. I don’t think that has that much warrant in Scripture. Rather, it points to the fruit of the Spirit—”love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, against which there is no law.” (Gal. 5:22,23)

Somehow the fragrance of those otherworldly fruits attract other longing hearts to consider making Jesus part of their own experience.

I am especially pleased that directly after speaking of choosing and ordaining us to bear enduring fruit, Jesus added, “that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you.”

Not only are we called to bear fruit, but we are also given the key to bearing the intended fruit: asking the Father in JESUS’ name for whatever is needed.

As I have been preparing for upcoming trips to Canada and the South Pacific, I’ve been reading much on the Holy Spirit. Oh what blessings have come my way. I’ve been losing sleep, but am more than happy to have lost sleep doing the readings.

Here is some of this morning’s portion…

“In these words (ordained to bear fruit) we have surely an indication of the deep, vital connection between true prayer and true fruit-bearing; such that the two things are as it were convertible terms. It is as if He said, “I have ordained you to produce real and lasting spiritual effects for Me; in other words, I have ordained you to be, in Me, prevailing petitioners with My Father that you may be bearers of such fruit.” The “things asked of the Father in Christ’s name” are that the disciple may be a vessel meet for the Master’s use, a branch pregnant with holy fruit; and there is therefore a deep and living correspondence between the bearing and the asking. Now here again is the operation of the Spirit, “the Spirit of grace and of supplications” (Zech. xii. 10). The prayer here meant is no mere devout performance of duty, the due utterance of an expression of reverence and dependence; it is “prayer in the Holy Ghost” (Jude 20), who “maketh intercession for us … according to (the will) of God’ (Rom. viii. 26,27). It is the prayer of a heart filled with Him, and therefore filled with the humble but intense desire that His will may be done, and in particular that His implement may be used for His glory. Results of life, word, and work in answer to such prayer are “fruit that remaineth.” And indeed it is “fruit of the Spirit.”—H. C. G. Moule, Veni Creator

Be blessed bearing fruit!

Hearing His Voice

Monday, June 21st, 2010
Last week I spent a few hours with a praying saint. It was a blessed experience and one where the Spirit was very present. We come from different backgrounds, attend different churches, and have different understandings in some cases. But there was a connection and respect that was beyond question. Why? A few things have come to mind.

We spent time praying together. They say one of the ways to tell if a person is a Christian is that He prays. A person who doesn’t pray cannot really be called a Christian. I know that seems harsh, but it is impossible to walk with Jesus and not pray. When Ananias was sent to find Paul, he was told he would recognize Paul because he was praying. Though it may have been coincidental, when I asked to pray as we began sharing time together, it may have been the first inkling that the Spirit was present.

There was a point when we also began sharing stories of answers to prayer. Any time I hear stories of answer to prayer, it speaks strongly to me of where a person is in their walk with Jesus. Many people pray, but I am not sure everyone is as concerned to learn how to prevail and get answers, since prevailing takes time, takes courage–not everyone wants God’s way in their lives, takes searching of our prayers–are we praying for something that is for our good as God sees things, and searching of our lives–checking to see if there are things we are cherishing that would hinder answers. I find sharing stories of answers to prayer is the easiest way to connect with other people, regardless of whether they are Christian or not.

Since spending time with him I have also wondered if my friend did not recognize the voice of Jesus echoing through my words. Jesus said: “and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.” When Jesus lives in my heart, and He is communicating through me, another follower will hopefully hear the my Master’s voice coming through my voice. I’ve been thinking a lot about this. We often speak of people knowing us by our love, but might it not be true that believers will know that we are His followers because they recognize His voice in what we are saying.

If you would like to read more on interacting with others for Jesus, here is a reading by James McConkey at I have many readings from James McConkey on They are all wonderful and to be read!

Path2Prayer Newsletter 3/5/2010

Saturday, March 6th, 2010



I have been busy, traveling—to Edmonton, Lacombe and Calgary Alberta Canada, Toronto Canada, Hendersonville North Carolina and other locations; teaching church history, uploading many resources to, and responding to emails. I know I haven’t done as well lately in responding to many of you, for which I am sorry. Be assured, I have not forgotten you, I have not stopped praying for you, nor have I been idle.

Some Encouraging Promises:
“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:19

“The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.” Ps. 23:1

“Blessed is he who considers the poor; the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble. The LORD will preserve him and keep him alive, he will be blessed on the earth; You will not deliver him to the will of his enemies. The LORD will strengthen him on his bed of illness; you will sustain him on his sickbed.” Ps. 41:1-3

“For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD will give grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.” Ps. 84:11

“The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will also be watered himself.” Prov. 11:25

“But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you. Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:31,32

Upcoming Travel:
Week of Prayer: Calgary Central Church, Calgary (AB, Canada), March 14-19
Witnessing Class: Lake Union ASI Chapter Meeting in Southwestern, MI, April 16
Prayer and Revival Meetings: Hampstead Church, London, England, May 1-15
Prayer Seminar: Indiana Camp Meeting, June 14-18
Prayer and Revival Seminars: South Pacific (July or August)

New Resources: has many new resources!
Choosing A Text and Preaching by George Muller (
There are also entire pages of resources by great Christians:
Andrew Murray:
Hudson Taylor:
Theodore Monod:
Frances Ridley Havergal:
Mary Lyon’s Educational Methods:

These are just a few of the hundreds of resources that are to be found at

During the course of my travels I have learned about extending prayer in the church, I have been encouraging new ways to pray and observed answers to prayer first hand.

New Ways to Pray:
We call it “Collective Praying” locally, and it refers to a form of group praying where one person facilitates the praying of many mini, one item, prayers, in a sequence of topics starting with adoration, then confessing, then thanking God for the good things He has been doing, and concluding with supplication. It is easy to remember the progression if you think of the book of “ACTS.” Even families are picking up on this since it allows all the members of a family to easily participate regardless of prior experience with prayer. In our larger prayer meetings locally, people divide into groups of five or six and one person leads all the groups from the front. which allows many groups of people to pray together in a concert of prayer. You can find more information on this kind of praying at the Collective Conversational Prayer link.

New Ways of Connecting in Prayer:
While in Edmonton, I met Allen who promotes prayer in a unique way in his church in Toronto: He has written the name and phone number of each member of his church on a separate prayer card, and gives these cards to each member when they leave church. The members are encouraged to call the person listed on the card to find out how he or she can be prayed for. The members bring back the cards to church the next weekend, turn in the cards, and then are given a different card when they leave. This is a great idea and we are using it in our church. Thank you Allen for this good idea!

The Value of Testimonies:
On these trips attendees were encouraged to share how God was answering prayers. They did. The sharing of these testimonies led to more praying, and resulted in more answers to prayer. Please prominently feature testimonies in your midweek services and at church if possible.

Some Testimonies…

In Edmonton:
Glory was not doing well at work and greatly feared losing her job. So we made it a matter of specific prayer. Notice what she wrote: “I prayed and started working. I did better. The whole day my main manager didn’t come. In the evening he returned and started observing me. He came and told me “this is your test order.” I made a mistake again. Then God worked on his mind and he observed me again and found I did well. The whole day I did well and did not get nervous. At the end of the day an amazing thing happened. A customer called my second manager and said in front of me, ‘This girl is very good I am very pleased with her customer service, you should know it and I want you to inform your main Manager.’ Then he thanked me. I was so glad for that. A few hours later another customer came and called the same manager and took him aside and talked. When the manager returned I asked him, ‘Did I make any mistake?’ He told me – ‘No. It was the second compliment about you.’ My tears came out. It’s really amazing; my living God did it for me.” I have since received the following email: “Hi Dan. We are doing wonderfully. How are you? I’m working well. It’s time to thank God for answering our prayer. Thank you for your prayers.”

In Lacombe:
One of the students attending the prayer meetings told us she was doing poorly in calculus and requested that we pray for her. We did. The next day she returned with a smile on her face and a wonderful testimony of answered prayer. She shared how she had almost not come to prayer meeting because she needed to study for a calculus mini exam. But remembering that skipping prayer meetings had never helped in the past—her grades had not improved as a result of skipping prayer meetings in the past—she had come regardless. Hearing other testimonies, she had requested prayer and left believing that God was going to hear her prayer. Here is her instructive testimony:

“During Dan’s first few meetings I realized I needed to pray specifically and not be hesitant to ask according to God’s will.  Also once asking to wait with expectancy, knowing Jesus has heard me! I’d been thinking about how I pray, asking God for help, particularly with Calculus, and although from the many stories I knew God had heard and could answer, I didn’t think He actually would/will—the story is not finished yet.  In the meeting on the first, I saw how I’d been thinking and that it was wrong!  So I chose to take God at His Word, and believe He had heard my prayers (and Christie and Dan’s), and that He would help me do very well on the quiz the next morning so that I would pass the class. After I came back from the evening meeting I felt very awake.  Studying didn’t seem to usually help in calculus.  But I didn’t feel right not studying and expecting God to answer my prayer.  As I studied I asked God to help me by making me tired when I should stop and go to bed, so that I would still get enough sleep.  He did. The next morning I went to the 7:40 class.  Our teacher let us take the quiz at our later 1:15 PM class that day.  Praise God!  So I was able to study during my spare period.  I couldn’t figure out one particular practice question.  When the time came for the quiz I’d only studied for 2 of the 3 chapters.  On the quiz there were 3 questions, one from each chapter, and we were to answer any 2!  Praise God again!  I did the ones I’d studied for.  One of the questions was like the one I’d been trying to answer while studying but couldn’t get.  I felt I did really well for the 1st time, but I had to wait for the next class to find out.  When I finished writing the quiz I kept smiling to myself during the lecture because I knew God had heard and helped.  It was so different than the last quiz, which caused me to feel so bad that I could hardly concentrate the rest of the class. Later that afternoon I tried that same question again and I couldn’t get it.  To me this was evidence that God gave me wisdom and understanding during the quiz.  I also did as was suggested in the meetings: prayed over every question. Friday morning I got my quiz back and I made 2 minor errors, but I WAS GIVEN 100%!  God answers prayer! I am so excited!

Southern Indiana:
While in southern Indiana I had the opportunity to hear prayer stories shared by an older saint. During our time together, he spoke of his wife asking God to get his attention and his business burning to the ground as a result; and of another time when his horses escaped their pasture, but came back in answer to prayer.

Here at home:
I was contacted about praying for a gentleman’s wife who needed a score of 91% for a course. Two days ago a note arrived: She scored 91%! Yes God is answering prayers in wonderful and sometimes dramatic ways. I hope you are still praying!

A Testimony from Hudson Taylor:
Here is a testimony from Hudson Taylor the founder of the China Inland Mission, who worked under very difficult circumstances and far from any banks or cash machines:

“Many seem to think that I am very poor. This certainly is true enough in one sense, but I thank God it is “as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, yet possessing all things.” And my God shall supply all my need; to Him be all the glory. I would not, if I could, be otherwise than I am—entirely dependent myself upon the Lord, and used as a channel of help to others.

“On Saturday, November 4, our regular home mail arrived. That morning we supplied, as usual, a breakfast to the destitute poor, who came to the number of seventy. Sometimes they do not reach forty, at other times exceeding eighty. They come to us everyday, Lord’s Day excepted, for then we cannot manage to attend to them and get through all our other duties too. Well, on that Saturday morning we paid all expenses, and provided ourselves for the morrow, after which we had not a single dollar left between us. How the Lord was going to provide for Monday we knew not; but over our mantelpiece hung two scrolls in the Chinese character—Ebenezer, “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us”; and Jehovah-Jireh, “The Lord will provide”—and He kept us from doubting for a moment. That very day the mail came in, a week sooner than was expected, and Mr. Jones received a bill [a check] for $214. We thanked God and took courage. The bill was taken to a merchant and although there is usually a delay of several days in getting the change, this time he said, “Send down on Monday.” We sent, and though he had not been able to buy all the dollars, he let us have seventy on account; so all was well. Oh, it is sweet to live thus directly dependent upon the Lord, who never fails us!

“On Monday the poor had their breakfast as usual, for we had not told them not to come, being assured that it was the Lord’s work, and that the Lord would provide. We could not help our eyes filling with tears of gratitude when we saw not only our own needs supplied, but the widow and the orphan, the blind and the lame, the friendless and the destitute, together provided for by the bounty of Him who feeds the ravens. “O magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt his name together… Taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. Oh fear the Lord, ye his saints: for there is no want to them that fear him. The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing”—and if not good, why want it?

“But even $200 cannot last forever, and by New Year’s Day supplies were again getting low. At last, on January 6, 1858, only one solitary cash remained—the twentieth part of a penny—in the joint possession of Mr. Jones and myself; but though tried we looked to God once again to manifest His gracious care. Enough provision was found in the house to supply a meager breakfast; after which, having neither food for the rest of the day, nor money to buy any, we could only betake ourselves to Him who was able to supply all our need with the petition, “Give us this day our daily bread.”

“After prayer and deliberation we thought that perhaps we ought to dispose of something we possessed in order to meet our immediate requirements. But on looking round we saw nothing that we could well spare, and little that the Chinese would purchase for ready money. Credit to any extent we might have had, could we conscientiously have availed ourselves of it, but this we felt to be unscriptural in itself, as well as inconsistent with the position we were in. We had, indeed, one article—an iron stove—which we knew the Chinese would readily purchase; but we much regretted the necessity of parting with it. At length, however, we set out to the founder’s, and after a walk of some distance came to the river, which we had intended to cross by a floating bridge of boats; but here the Lord shut up our path. The bridge had been carried away during the preceding night, and the river was only passable by means of a ferry, the fare for which was two cash each person. As we only possessed one cash, our course clearly was to return and await God’s own interposition on our behalf.

“Upon reaching home, we found that Mrs. Jones had gone with the children to dine at a friend’s house, in accordance with an invitation accepted some days previously. Mr. Jones, though himself included in the invitation, refused now to go and leave me to fast alone. So we set to work and carefully searched the cupboards; and though there was nothing to eat, we found a small packet of cocoa, which, with a little hot water, somewhat revived us. After this we again cried to the Lord in our trouble, and the Lord heard and saved us out of all our distresses. While we were still upon our knees a letter arrived from England containing a remittance.

“This timely supply not only met the immediate and urgent need of the day; for in the assured confidence that God, whose we were and whom we served, would not put to shame those whose whole and only trust was in Himself, my marriage had been previously arranged to take place just fourteen days after this date. And this expectation was not disappointed; for “the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed, but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed.” And although during subsequent years our faith was often exercised, and sometimes severely, He ever proved faithful to His promise, and never suffered us to lack any good thing. “And if not good, why want it?”

Some Instructive Words from George Muller:
“Only let it be trust in God, not in man, not in circumstances, not in any of your own exertions, but real trust in God, and you will be helped in your various necessities… Not in circumstances, not in natural prospects, not in former donors, but solely in God. This is just that which brings the blessing. If we say we trust in Him, but in reality do not, then God, taking us at our word, lets us see that we do not really confide in Him; and hence failure arises. On the other hand, if our trust in the Lord is real, help will surely come. ‘According unto thy faith be it unto thee.’ It is a source of deep sorrow to me, that, notwithstanding my having so many times before referred to this point, thereby to encourage believers in the Lord Jesus, to roll all their cares upon God, and to trust in Him at all times, it is yet, by so many, put down to mere natural causes, that I am helped; as if the Living God were no more the Living God, and as if in former ages answers to prayer might have been expected, but that in the nineteenth century they must not be looked for.”

“While we have often been brought low, yea, so low that we have not had even as much as a single penny left, or so as to have the last bread on the table, and not as much money as was needed to buy another loaf, yet never have we had to sit down to a meal without our good Lord having provided nourishing food for us. I am bound to state this, and I do it with pleasure. My Master has been a kind Master to me, and if I had to choose this day again as to the way of living, the Lord giving me grace, I would not choose differently.”

“Sometimes I found children of God tried in mind by the prospect of old age, when they might be unable to work any longer, and therefore were harassed by the fear of having to go into the poorhouse. If in such a case I pointed out to them, how their Heavenly Father has always helped those who put their trust in Him, they might not, perhaps, always say, that times have changed; but yet it was evident enough, that God was not looked upon by them as the LIVING God. My spirit was oft times bowed down by this, and I longed to set something before the children of God, whereby they might see, that He does not forsake, even in our day, those who rely upon Him.”

“The child of God ought not to have a single care about anything. Not even the poor woman who has a drunken husband ought to have a single anxiety about him. Everything should be taken to the Lord, and left there. If we began to carry our own burdens, the Lord would add to them. If we had a pound-weight of care, and carried it ourselves, the Lord would make it ten pounds, and go on increasing the weight till it crushed us, and, overwhelmed by our trouble, we should be obliged at last to cast it upon Him.”

Service Opportunities:
Many mission and not for-profit organizations are in need of our financial support these days, and there is always a need for volunteers. “The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will also be watered himself.” Prov. 11:25

A Prayer:

Father, I am glad you are still in charge of this world. Thank you for having a purpose for my friend. Show yourself faithful in every way, providing the resources, work, love, and blessed relationships, and whatever else is need; and most of all, a close and wonderful relationship with you. I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Final Thought:
“The men who have done mighty things for God have always been mighty in prayer, have well understood the possibilities of prayer, and made most of the possibilities.”—E. M. Bounds

Find more on prayer at

Power of United Prayer

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Charles Spurgeon makes the following interesting statement about united prayer:

“It has pleased God to make prayer the abounding and rejoicing river through which most of our choice mercies flow to us. It is the golden key which unlocks the well-stored granaries of our heavenly Joseph. As many mercies are conveyed from Heaven in the ship of prayer, so there are many choice and special favors which can only be brought to us by the fleets of united prayer.”

Do you agree? From what I observe at many prayer meetings, I am not so sure many agree! That is sad, for it is true that many of God’s choicest blessings come as we unite praying together.

This statement comes from a wonderful sermon where he speaks to the need for united praying and praising, and points out that praying for pastors is especially called for when we are praying together.

He also strongly believed that all of God’s children could  and should pray:

“We cannot all preach. We cannot all rule. We cannot all give gold and silver-but we can all contribute our prayers. There is no convert, though he is but two or three days old in Divine Grace, but can pray. There is no bedridden Sister in Jesus who cannot pray. There is no sick, aged, imbecile, obscure, illiterate, or penniless Believer who cannot add his supplications to the general stock. This is the Church’s riches. We put boxes at the door that we may receive your offerings to God’s cause-remember there is a spiritual chest within the Church into which we should all drop our loving intercessions, as into the treasury of the Lord. Even the widow without her two mites can give her offering to this treasury. See, then, dear Friends, what union and communion there are among the people of God, since there are certain mercies which are only bestowed while the saints unitedly pray.”

Spurgeon, by the way, is one of my favorite authors when it comes to prayer. He was considered one of the greatest preachers that ever lived, and preached at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in Newington (London) England.

You can read the rest of his sermon on United Praying and Praising at

You can also find a handout to use at your midweek prayer service at

Raise Him Up…

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

“Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.” James 5:14,15

I was sent the following testimony from someone who was subscribing to the newsletter, and thought it might encourage others.

Notice that she found someone to agree with her. On this note, Charles Spurgeon, the famous British Preacher stated the following:

“United prayer is useful inasmuch as God has promised extraordinary and special blessings in connection with it: “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them” [Matthew 18:20]. “If two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven” [Matthew 18:19]. God asks for agreement, and, once the saints agree, he pledges himself that the prayer of his agreeing ones shall be answered. Why, see what accumulated force there is in prayer, when one after another pours out their passionate desires; when many seem to be tugging at the rope; when many seem to be knocking at mercy’s gate; when the mighty cries of many burning hearts come up to heaven. When, my beloved, you go and shake the very gates of heaven with the powerful battering-ram of holy passion, and sacred insistence, then will the kingdom of heaven forcefully advance. When first one, and then another, and yet another, throws their whole soul into the prayer, the kingdom of heaven is conquered and the victory is very great indeed.

“As I was sitting for a little while and thinking over this text I thought of the accumulated love of God which there is in a prayer-meeting, because God loves every one of his children. There is so much love for one, and here is another, and there is so much love for him, and then, if God’s love to one of his people is a reason for answering his requests, if there are ten present, there is ten times the reason; and if there is a thousand present then surely there must be a thousand times the force of love to move our Heavenly Father to grant the accumulated desires of the assembly.

“The prayer-meeting is an institution which ought to be very precious to us, and to be cherished by us as a Church, for to it we owe everything. When our comparatively little chapel was all but empty, was it not a well-known fact that the prayer-meeting was always full? And when the Church increased, and the place was scarcely large enough, it was the prayer meeting that did it all. When we then met at Exeter Hall, we were a praying people, indeed; and when we entered into an even larger arena, the Surrey Music-hall, what cries and tears went up to heaven for our success! And so it has been ever since. It is in the spirit of prayer that our strength lies; and if we lose this, the hair will be cut off from Samson’s head, and God’s Holy Church will become weak as water and though we, as Samson did, go and try to shake ourselves as at other times, we shall hear the cry, “The Philistines are upon you,” and our eyes will be put out, and our glory will depart, unless we continue mightily and earnestly in prayer.”

So spoke Charles Spurgeon. I hope we will all spend more time praying.

Here is the testimony:

I have a miracle son by the name of Matthew. He was born 14 years after an older son and is a real miracle since I had complications with his birth, which necessitated a life-saving emergency caesarean section at the beginning of the 7th month. The doctors were concerned about the baby being so tiny, but I responded that they needed to do what they needed to do, and that God would take care of the rest.

Matthew did well and was able to be taken out of the incubator by the 3rd week. After 2 days, however, he stopped breathing and landed in ICU because his lungs were underdeveloped. He was only 1.5KG after 5 days in ICU, and the doctor called my husband and I in, and told us there was nothing they could do.

I told the doctor that I was praying for Michael, and believed that God would raise him up. The doctor actually agreed that the only remedy was prayer. I don’t know why I used the word “raise” but I know I did not say, “heal.” This was on a Saturday. I chose to go to church on Sunday and afterward just relaxed at home. Monday I went to the hospital and chatted with my son and told him he was called Matthew because he was a gift from God. His 2nd name is Caleb, and I told him that I want to trust God the way Caleb did, and that he (Matthew) did not need all the tubes that were being used with him in the ICU since God was going to raise him up. The next day I returned to the Hospital and found there was still no change.

That night we had prayer at the church and I asked one of the ladies to agree with me for a miracle, and PRAISE God the next day when I went to the hospital’s ICU, I found his cot empty, which caused me to initially freeze! But a nurse soon came to me smiling, asking, “Do you know what your son did last night? I responded, “No. Please tell me.” She proceeded to tell about how Michael had pulled out all the tubes and had been breathing on his own, that he no longer needed the extra help to breath.

The doctor acknowledged that a miracle had taken place.

Matthew is a healthy teenager now serving the Lord and I am happy to say was baptized by immersion two weeks ago at a children’s camp.

You can learn more about prayer at the intercessory prayer link at Please write me at to subscribe to the newsletter.

God’s Miracle Provision of Gas

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Luke 11:8 “Because of his persistence he will rise and give him AS MANY as he needs.”

A friend and I had been praying for a new job for her. She called again, a few months later saying there was a possible job opening up and we needed to pray about whether God wanted her to take it considering everything going on in her life.

A few weeks later to my dismay she called to say she was moving farther away to take the position God had given her. She had a month to pack a whole house and keep up with a full-time job and aged parents who were ill on top of her own health challenges. We kept in touch every day. It soon became clear there wasn’t going to be enough time with all she had to do to pack the house though everyday she packed a few boxes.

I was seven hours away and felt helpless; though staying in touch was useful in keeping her priorities on the right things, I could hear the despair in her voice. The feeling of needing to help grew strong, but I was seven hours away and gas was just ridiculously costly.

I prayed about the need my friend had and what God wanted me to do with it. Should I go or just listen on the end of the phone. God answered. He opened up some time at work but there was not enough money, and gas was soaring at $4.50 a gallon. How could I do it? Seven hours, 450 miles equaled a lot of money in gas.

(For the reader: I am self-employed so missing a week of work meant missing a week of pay also.)

I called her and mentioned that God had opened my schedule to take time off. And, I thought there was enough money for gas. I knew she didn’t have any money either, but she said she would pay half of the gas if I would come. It had been a year since we had been together, and this may be the last time we would see each other for a longer time since she would be eight hours farther away.

We made arrangements for the end of July.

It came time to leave, we prayed for safekeeping, and that my 15-year-old car would not have any problems on the way. I climbed in the car and drove about an hour before filling the tank, which equaled $60, and I would have to do that at least twice each way. Gas was less in Indiana and the farther you drove south the cheaper it was so the news said. The long stretches of road were lonely, but singing along to scripture songs on a tape and praying for wisdom and strength for moving was comforting.

It was a very nice drive. I watched the gas gauge, and for the cheapest place to stop for gas, but the gauge hardly moved. I stopped frequently for food and to stretch my legs but not for gas.

Pulling into her drive my eye caught the gauge for the last time and it hit me. God drove me 6 hrs on a quarter tank of gas!

My friend asked, “What kind of car is this? Truly this must be God’s car!”

Praising God for his blessing, the next week was filled with conversations and lots of packing. Oh, what a blessing for us as we spent time together.

But that wasn’t all! A week later when it was time to leave, I topped off the tank for the drive home. The customary stops for food and to stretch my legs were made, but not for gas. When I got home again, after driving seven hours I looked at the gas gauge. A quarter tank of gas was gone. God knew neither of us had the money and supplied this car with God’s gas. What a blessing to bless others in their time of need and share just how powerful God truly is.

Praise God! He is faithful to His unworthy children!

Oh, and my gas tank holds 15 gals so that was what 3.75 gals. What a God!

I did my part; driving 64 miles an hour to save gas, but this was just God and God alone. What a miracle!

Margie Mitchell

Note from Dan: I know Margie personally and know her story to be true. God is good!!!

Find more resources on praying at Find more testimonies on God’s miracle keeping on the testimonies page.

Prayer is the Key

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Note the following from Eli Wigle in his book Prevailing Prayer:

“Without the quickening and convicting operations of the Holy Ghost, the sinner will not-nay, cannot come to God. These operations of the Holy Ghost, are conditioned on the faith of the Church! As the Church prevails with God for the convicting power of the Holy Ghost upon sinners, the responsibility for the salvation of sinners, is transferred from the Church to sinners themselves. Only when Christians have done their reasonable utmost, is the responsibility entirely transferred to sinners. Then how great-nay alarming the responsibility of Christians!” Eli Wigle, Prevailing Prayer or the Secret of Soul Winning, (Grand Rapids, MI: Continental Publishing Company, 1900), p. 16.

I think this is worth praying about! Learn more about the importance of prayer at

Do You Pray?

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Do you pray? “Of course I do,” you respond! “I’m a Christian. All Christians pray.”

Let me ask again, do you pray?

I ask because there is much prayer exercised that is nothing more than form and obligation–the appeasement of conscience, as highlighted in the paragraphs from Charles Finney.

I have just put three of his 1847 sermons on prevailing prayer at I hope you will carefully read them, relative to your evaluating whether you REALLY pray.

From Charles Finney:

“Much that is called prayer is not answered in any sense whatever, and is not real prayer. Much that goes under the name of prayer is offered merely for the form of it, with neither care nor expectation to be answered. Those who pray thus will not watch to see whether their prayers are answered in any sense whatever.

“For example, there are some who pray as a matter of cold duty—only because they must, and not because they feel their need of some specific blessing. Hence their prayer is nothing but a form. Their heart is not set upon any particular object. They only care to do what they call a duty; they do not care with anxious heart for any object they may specify in their prayers. Hence the thing they really care for, is not the thing they pray for. In words they pray for this thing; in heart for quite another thing. And the evidence of this is in the fact that they never look after the thing they pray for in words. If they prayed in heart for any thing, they would certainly look to see whether the blessing asked for is given.

“Suppose a man had petitioned for some appointment to office, and had sent on his application to the President or to the appointing power. Probably his heart is greatly set on attaining it. If so you will see him watching the mail for the reply to his communication. Every day you may see him at the office ready to seize his letter at the earliest possible moment. But if on the other hand, he applied only for form’s sake; and cares nothing about the office, or does not at all expect it, you will see him about other business or pleasure, which he does care for.

“The latter case rarely occurs in human affairs, but in religious things nothing is more common. Multitudes are engaged from time to time in what they call praying; their object being often only to appease their consciences—not to obtain any desired blessing. Of course the quiet of their conscience is the only thing they really seek by prayer, and it would be absurd in them to look after any other answer than this. They are not wont to be guilty of this absurdity.

“Of course those who pray thus are not disappointed if they are not heard. It would be so in case of petitions addressed to men; it is so naturally when petitions are addressed to God.

Do you agree with Charles Finney?

Do you pray? I hope so.

Read the three sermons he preached on prevailing in prayer in 1847. You learn more about praying and experiencing a happy, more abundant, Christian life at

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

I found the following recollection about Charles Finney and his recognition of praying associates to be highly instructive:

“The theme on which he most constantly dwelt was the baptism of the Holy Ghost. In season and out of season he was always urging believers to be filled with the Spirit, as the only preparation that would fit them for saving souls, that without it they were powerless, that with it nothing was too hard for God to do through them. This was the main track with him, he did not go off on side issues, believing if we had this all other things would follow.’ “Ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you.” “When He is come he will guide you in to all truth.” He taught also the necessity of frequent annointings and deep heart searching as a preparation, hence his prayer, “Lord give us an overhauling.” He attributed his success in the soul saving largely to the fact that he had always been favored with helpers who knew how to pray. There were those in Oberlin who stayed at home when he preached and “held on” for him as they termed it. Discussing on wrestling Jacob he once said. “If Jacob had had a prayer book what under heaven would he have done with it?” He declared he would rather have a person of no education to help him in his work if he knew how to prevail in prayer, than a highly educated person who did not. Prevailing prayer that takes hold on God not only asks but receives the witness that the answer will come. This was the watchword in the early days of Oberlin.” Taken from Personal Recollections.

I believe my ministry has been blessed as a result of praying associates. Might such associates continue praying!

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