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Ask of Me…

Monday, February 15th, 2010

“Ask of Me and I will give….” Ps. 8:2

For the praying saints of the past, their faith in prayer was not a passing attitude that changed with the wind or with their own feelings and circumstances, they were confident that God always heard and answered, that His ear was always open to the cry of His children, and that the power to do what was asked of Him was equal to His willingness…. Everything was possible to the men and women who knew how to pray, and it is still possible today. Prayer, indeed, opened a limitless storehouse, and God’s hand withheld nothing. Prayer introduced those who practiced it into a world of privilege, and brought the strength and wealth of heaven down to the aid of finite man. What rich and wonderful power they had who learned the secret of victorious approach to God! With Moses it saved a nation; with Ezra it saved a church.

And yet, strange as it seems when we contemplate the wonders of which God’s people had been witnesses, they became slack in prayer. The mighty hold upon God, which had so often struck awe and terror into the hearts of their enemies, lost its grip. The people, backslidden and apostate, had gone off from their praying-if the bulk of them had ever truly prayed.

In vain had the decree established the divine order, the divine call, ‘Ask of Me.’ From their earnest and fruitful crying to God, the Israelites turned their faces to pagan gods and cried in vain for the answers that could never come. Thus they sank into that godless and pitiful state in which they lost their purpose in life, because the link with the Eternal had been broken. Their favored dispensation of prayer was forgotten; they no longer knew how to pray.

What is the solution in our day? Ask!—E. M. Bounds

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“Save Me” Prevailing Prayers

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

“Save me!” Matthew 14:13

We would have to agree that Peter’s prayer was very effective! Two short words saved him.


I’ve prayed the same “save me” prayer before without anything happening, and so have my friends. Is there something wrong with us? Something wrong with our prayers? There are lots of reasons we could come up with, but here is one from E. M. Bounds that we might want to consider:

WHILE many private prayers, in the nature of things, must be short; while public prayers, as a rule, ought to be short and condensed; while there is ample room for and value put on ejaculatory prayer—yet in our private communions with God time is a feature essential to its value. Much time spent with God is the secret of all successful praying. Prayer which is felt as a mighty force is the immediate product of much time spent with God. Our short prayers owe their point and efficiency to the long ones that have preceded them. The short prevailing prayer cannot be prayed by one who has not prevailed with God in a mightier struggle of long continuance. Jacob’s victory of faith could not have been gained without that all-night wrestling. God’s acquaintance is not made by pop calls. God does not bestow his gifts on the casual or hasty comers and goers. Much time with God alone is the secret of knowing him and of influence with him. He yields to the persistency of a faith that knows him. He bestows his richest gifts upon those who declare their desire for and appreciation of those gifts by the constancy as well as earnestness of their importunity.

Hm… seems like I need to spend more time with the Lord. Perhaps you do too!

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