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The World Is Ripe For Revival

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Every once in awhile I stumble across wonderful resources in the most unexpected places. Probably one of the most helpful books I ever found, was purchased for 25 cents from a church sale in Chicago. The book that most impacted by minstry was found for $1 in a Canadian used bookstore. I am grateful that God somehow brings these precious treasures to my attention.

The same was true of the sermon by H. M. S. Richards Sr. entitled: The World Is Ripe For Revival. I was staying with Joe and Celia, dear Maori friends who live near Auckland, NZ. Since I have an interest in things of the past, I looked through Joe’s books and came upon one with old sermons. Wow, what a treasure trove. It gave me a new appreciation for the church back in the 1950s, and Pastor Richards in particular.

By the way, I once gave Pastor Richards a ride home from a Holiday Inn in South Bend, IN, to the school I was attending. We only spent 30 minutes together, but I can still remember some portions of that conversation as if it happened yesterday, and I can still see him coming out of the motel and what he was wearing. He made quite an impression on me!

Richards gave this sermon in the 1950s at a conference in San Francisco, but instead of it coming across as dated, I immediately sensed the Spirit saying, “This is what is needed now!”

Because the conference was intended for pastors, you will find his remarks are especially directed to pastors. However, the message is true for all of us.

Here are few paragraphs to encourage you to take the time to read the sermon for yourself:

I do not believe that the greatest need of the Advent Movement today is a cultured ministry. I believe in culture. But, my friends, culture brought Greece, Rome, and Germany to ruin. Culture has never saved a single soul in this world. Our greatest need today is not an educated ministry. I believe in education, but our greatest need today is a born-again spirit.

Later in the sermon…

There are too many of us today, I am sure, piling up the wood and kindling. We pile it all up, just right, exactly correct. But, oh, that God might set us on fire! We need the fire. Someone says, Well, you have to be careful about emotionalism. Not in our church! Not now! You know, and I know, that some churches are so cold that you could skate down the center aisle. You know that. But why is it? It is our fault-it is my fault; it is your fault. I believe that when we are on fire little churches that are getting smaller every year-fifteen members this year, fourteen next, nine next-dying off-are going to begin to grow. They are going to catch fire. And those people who have been watching are going to come with us when they see the Lord is with us, putting away the idols, kindling the fire on the altar, and great congregations meeting to seek God.

I hope you will not only read his sermon, but that you will then join me in praying for revival as well. And, if you are seeking more resources on revival, look for them at

For now, however, by all means READ the sermon and tell others to go and find it too. Here is where you will find the sermon: The World Is Ripe For Revival!