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A True Champion

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

There are many who would like to believe they are doing great things for God, and I don’t want to minimize anyone’s efforts—who am I to evaluate or judge, since we are called to be faithful to the limit of light and talents given us, and resources made available. But some have shone brightly even among God’s most luminous jewels.

One of them is George Muller that great Christian who found the Lord after a rocky beginning as he attended the university in Halle (and saw a Christian kneel for the first time), later established the Scriptural Knowledge Institute that supported so many missionaries and schools around the world, and eventually founded the orphange that eventually cared for over 2,000 orphans.

In 1874, Muller states he fed 2,100 people, sent 10,000 pounds to missionaries in other lands, supported 189 missionaries, supported 100 day schools, fees for 9,000 day school students, published some 4 million tracts and thousands of Bibles. Those are amazing statistics, especially back in 1874.

Muller’s guiding promise is found in Ps. 81:10 where it says, “Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.” He believed, he claimed the many promises of the Bible, he worked to carefully follow all the principles of the Bible, prayed as if it all depended on prayer, and worked as if it all depended on work.

Needless to say, his accomplishments are amazing and very inspiring. But I am even MORE inspired by the principles that guided him in doing so much-praying and reading the Bible, discerning God’s will, finding helpers, dealing with finances, avoiding ALL debt, seeking to be faithful to Scripture, etc., which are still relevant in our day.

Perhaps you would like to learn more about those principles? There is no better book to the best of my knowledge than A. T. Pierson’s Muller of Bristol. His book doesn’t include as many anecdotes as one might find, for example, in Roger Steer’s book on Muller (George Muller: Delighted in God), but Pierson shares the life-changing, community-impacting, results-gaining principles that brought success back then, and will still bring success in our day.

You can download the book as a pdf at this link: Pierson: Muller of Bristol

You can find more writings from Muller at Just do a search for George Muller in the search box.

Read, learn, then go and make a difference!