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He Made Everything A Matter of Prayer

Monday, October 4th, 2010

I send out a short note to encourage accountability and prayer and Bible study almost every day. I am going to try and send it to my blog as well so that others can also read it who are not on the direct mailing list. Please write if you want to be on the list directly.

Good morning!

I confess to being distracted by a biography of Louis Harms this weekend. I’ve been reading right along, but Harms accomplished amazing things, and thus I have found it hard to take the time to write the daily note. Please forgive me.

Like Muller, Harms made everything a matter of prayer. He was absolutely convinced that God would come through, and God never disappointed him. He was the pastor in a poor district in Northern Germany. His members were farmers and tradesman. Spirituality had at one time been of such a low ebb in his church that his members had been caught passing a bottle of alcohol from member to member during the preaching. So he prayed. God answered by bringing an awakening that lasted 17 years. He also began organizing his church to do mission service since he was convinced that mission service would maintain the spiritual health of his members. First he bought a farm on ten acres to use as a training institute since he knew he would have to prepare his members to go out as missionaries. Later he had a ship built since God directed him that way–the educated people around thought he was crazy, and reminded of his lack of funds. Eventually he began sending out trained self-reliant missionaries–first to Africa, and later to other continents. He also began a ministry for ex-convicts and began a missionary publication that soon had 13,000 subscribers. Not bad for seven years of effort.

When needing wisdom he prayed. When lacking funds he prayed. God responded every time. Like Muller, Harms didn’t let others know what was needed since he was opposed to beggars of any kind. He also accepted God’s providential leadings in his life, which often included pain since he developed rheumatism early in life. In this regard, he commented: “It is true that I suffer much everyday,” he said, “and more every night. I do not wish it otherwise. My Savior is my physician. I love to lie awake the entire night, because I can then commune with Him.”

From what I have read of Harms, I am pretty certain he would have said that daily Bible study and prayer were the key to God’s blessing in his life. So how are you doing? Did you spend time reading the Bible today? Praying? Is God responding? Are you obeying God’s promptings? I hope so.

Father in heaven, if you were able to do such a work in and through Louis Harms, can’t you do the same in and through me? Can’t you do the same in my friend? I am convinced you can. Please bless my friend this day. Prompt Bible study, prayers and communing with Yourself. Then prompt directions. Help my friend to respond in obeying. I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

You can find more about him at the Louis Harms page at

I will shortly have audio and other resources from my most recent trip to the South Pacific. I believe the series presented were greatly blessed of the Holy Spirit.

God bless you today!