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Speaking of Revival…

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

Another name worth knowing when it comes to revival is Duncan Campbell. A Scottish preacher who became converted through the Faith Mission in 1913, he later participated in the revivals that swept through the Scottish Hebrides. He speaks without ambiguity about what it takes to experience revival. I think you will agree that his words are as needed in our day as they were in his. I have just added two of his sermons as MP3s to my site.

Here are the links to the MP3 sermons by Campbell:

Duncan Campbell: Repairing the Wall MP3 Revival Sermon

Duncan Campbell: God’s Answer to the Cry of Unbelief MP3 Revival Sermon

Be sure to read the book and sermon on revival as well, at

More Audio Sermons

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

I’m currently co-teaching a course on the history of spirituality which is keeping me very busy. I’m learning a lot and am grateful, but a three hour intensive four days a week takes preparation. However, I have been able to upload more sermons from series given in the past. These are MP3s.

Dan Augsburger: Jacob’s Transformation MP3
Dan Augsburger: Leah-Hope For Needy Hearts MP3

Dan Augsburger: Lot-Understanding the Wandering Heart MP3

I pray this finds you well.