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Ian Thomas: The Prairie Audio Sermon Series

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

I’m pleased to make available Ian Thomas’ 9-part Prairie Sermon Series. I consider him one of the best speakers I have ever heard. He knows Jesus, he shares in wonderfully simple ways how to experience Christ’s indwelling, and does so with anointed authority! I love the way he describes the early church members: “Incorrigibly happy, utterly unafraid and nearly always in trouble.” If you haven’t heard Ian Thomas before now, you will want to listen to this series. I have remastered these sermons to bring up the quality and volume. Enjoy!

Ian Thomas: 9-Part Prairie Audio Series Directory

Ian Thomas: Part 1: Church in Action
Ian Thomas: Part 2: Sent Went Put
Ian Thomas: Part 3: Message of the Early Church
Ian Thomas: Part 4: Mount of Transfiguration
Ian Thomas: Part 5: Rediscovering Christ
Ian Thomas: Part 6: Asa was a Good Man, But a Fool
Ian Thomas: Part 7: Asa Hostile: Jehoshaphat Humbled
Ian Thomas: Part 8: Biggest Thing God Ever Said
Ian Thomas: Part 9: David Forgot to Remember

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