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I Just Want To Make It Home

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Here’s some more poetry from my friend E. Toni Doswell. I can only say, by God’s grace, ME TOO!

I Just Want To Make It Home

I’m tired, been on this journey a long, long, time.
I just want to make it on Home.
I’m too far away to see the kitchen lights aglow.
But close enough to see the tiny path that leads there.
A path where many worn and torn adventurers have walked,
Bravely carrying the cross of Prince Emmanuel.

I’ve been buffeted, slapped, whipped, bruised and beaten,
But I continue on.
The prize is too great to even think about turning back.
Yes, I just want to make it Home.

This world jostles you like a wild horse on a mountain range.
No matter which way you go, it’s designed to keep you on your back.
But I hear the bells from afar ringing from the pearly gates.
And I just want to make it Home.

There’s been a lot of criticism lately— well– there always has been.
Skeptics who don’t believe that such a place exists.
They have their scientific reasons all mathematically calculated,
But somehow the batteries in their calculators are all down.
Even their pens have run out of ink and their pencils are dull.
From my calculations, it’s through the opening in the distant constellation Orion
That I see Home.

I ask you not to try to pull me back.
Don’t try to twist my arm to return back into this world of sin of deceit.
Ain’t nothing to be gained by that trick.
I got my eye on Home, and you can’t make me quit.

The gates there are pearly. The streets are gold.  The walls of precious stones and jasper do exist.
Ain’t nothing like Home.
I got a mansion there, not fashioned with the hands of men.
My Father called me to take this journey a long time ago.
I just can’t wait to see it all when I go Home.

My steps are slower now than when I first started.
My head is gray and the strands are few.
But Home is still in my head, fresh as ever.
And I’m still trudging on.

Goin to make it—- Yes!
Can’t be shaken — Yes!
Battle scarred, tired and weary — Yes!
But I’m going to make it Home.  — YES!

Written 1/12/2010

Read more of Toni’s poetry at her page at

Even So, Come Lord Jesus

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

I received the following poetry from a friend, on remembering those who are less fortunate. It is worth pondering. I appreciate receiving her permission to share this with others.

Even So, Come Lord Jesus

by E. Toni Doswell

I saw a young man all dressed up in the latest
His pants hung low with no belt– they call it sagging.
In his mouth a long protruding cigarette dangled.
He waddled down the street as best he could,
Occasionally reaching down to pull up his pants.
On his face there was also a sag.
He had been down to the unemployment office 50 times,
And still no one seemed to want to hire him.
He was strong.  He was willing to work.
But no one wanted him when they saw his sagging pants.
They wondered if he had a sagging attitude, too.
He was not alone.  A whole host of others sat at his table of affairs.
It’s too bad that we, the society, cannot understand.
Jesus loves him just as much as he does us, and pities him even more.
Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

And then, not far down the street my eye noticed an older woman.
She was huddled beneath a blanket under a staircase
Where she thought she could hide and get a good night’s sleep.
The shelter where she stayed for 30 days had just evicted her.
They had to make room for others, and so….
She returned back on the streets.  At least no one could evict her
From under the stairs where she as able to cuddle and huddle.
Her family, her children, had all abandoned her.
Her children, with their selfish whims and high minds thought
“Out of sight—out of mind!”  Not remembering that it was she who had
Changed their diapers, sacrificed, and done the best she could by them.
Now, that they had “arrived,” they went their selfish ways.
Just waiting for her to die—and just go away.
But the Heavenly Father knew, and gave them their wish.  He sent an angel to her side.
As the cold wind whipped into her face for the last time
He cuddled her in His bosom and took her away to rest.  Her toils had ended.
Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

I look at the children who are being born into the world.
Some are born into homes where they will grow and bloom progressively.
Others are born into homes where they will be stunted for life.
The “village helps raise the child,” but some people in the village never grew up
So what do you expect from the children, but the same old ways?
Children are our future.  They will one day rule.
But it seems so many parents want to keep the discipline out of the picture,
Thus, they participate in raising a fool.
The child begins to rule them, and they refuse to raise their hand.
They call it “corporal punishment.”  Parents are scared to go to jail
and so they cannot take a stand.
However, they are called to “take the stand” when their child goes to jail.
Then they wish they had disciplined him or her to save them from the hell
They will have to face in prisons and jail.
Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

There are many saintly people who, too, are missing the mark.
They attend church all week long and look the part.
They are called “Sister,” “Brother,” “Deacon,” Reverend,” “Pastor” and Friend.”
They are so busy going to church, sometimes they even leave their children at home for themselves to fend.
Some take their children and stay all day and all night long.
They sing and pray and have “lock-ins” until their voices can’t even sing a song.
They think that is religion, and maybe it is so.
But what about the teeming multitudes to which Jesus would have them to go?
Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

The newspapers and cable networks blare out the social disgraces of the famous who
have yielded to temptation once or many times.
Reporters surround these poor victims seeking to take a picture of them and point out their crimes.
Society begins to judge them and remove them from off their pedestals.
The people who were friendly to them in the time of plenty begin to act like they have a plague.
The famous begin to see they are but human, too.
And the things they thought could be hidden from human eyes,
come out of the closets to haunt them as their money in the bank dwindles down into their lawyers’ bank accounts, and they begin to assess what really counts—money, friends, fans, or family ties.
What really counts is how God sees us in our walks of life.
Power, pleasures, wealth or fame are just icing on the cake as we strive.
Jesus has it all, and He chose to stoop down low.
To save lost humanity who didn’t know where to go.
He’s coming back to take his jewels, not heroes and idols, home.
There, we’ll reign forever in the Heavenly home as priests and kings.
What a day of rejoicing as we open our mouths to praise Him, shout, and sing!
Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

Humans are like plants—here today, and gone tomorrow.
They feel important at times because people applaud them.
They want fame, wealth, fortune and “stuff.”
And never seem to have enough.
But one day they realize that none of these things mean anything.
God, their Creator, was just smiling down on them and gave them their season.
Soon they realize that love is the greatest thing on earth.
And Jesus always held it out to them.
Though, in their blindness they could only see the “stuff.”
But now they realize His blessings never fade,
And the Eternal One is the One who gave.
His Only Begotten Son so that they would have a never fading prize,
Eternal Life and a place in Heaven, and the privilege to see Him face to face, and walk by His side.
Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

This message would be amiss if I did not mention my mother and brother and other loved ones who died.
I still miss them, however, within my memory and heart they still abide.
There are fathers, husbands, wives, daughters, sons, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors and friends whose time came.
And although Jesus, in mercy, knew we would never be the same.
Gave us grace to live, and keep on going, because He’s Our Unfailing Friend.
He took their places in our lives—He’s Our Mother, Father, Spouse, Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister,
Brother, Aunt, Grandmother, Grandfather, Neighbor and Friend until the end.
“There just ain’t nobody like Jesus!” the old woman from the South shouted out.
No, there isn’t anybody like Jesus—that is true without a doubt.
And Jesus will come and make all things new and rectify the wrongs.
That is why the redeemed of the ages, from every nation, will be able to sing a brand new song:
“Worthy, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain, to receive Honor and  Glory and Power Forevermore!”
Even so….come, Lord Jesus!—Written 12/19/09

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