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Dan Augsburger
Spiritual Thirst and
Spiritual Vulnerability
And Joab sent messengers to David, and said, “I have fought against Rabbah, and I have taken the city’s water supply. Now therefore, gather the rest of the people together and encamp against the city and take it, lest I take the city and it be called after my name.” 2 Sam. 12:27-28

Two thoughts are inspired by 2 Sam. 12:27,28.

(1). If a city's future is endangered by the loss of its water supply—note the water  supply was the first thing taken by Joab when attacking the people of Ammon, isn't our spiritual future endangered if we lose our daily supply of the water of life by way of neglect or compromise?

(2). Notice next that Joab rightly recognized that the loss of water made the townsmen particularly vulnerable to any invading army. As a result, he urged David to quickly come and take the city lest he—Joab—take the city and receive the honor as the conqueror! We live among people who are thirsting for the water of life. They are particularly vulnerable to the next scheme of Satan. We also need to make it a matter of urgent priority to reach them before he does.

It goes without say, these verses speak to our need to spend time with Jesus. Did you schedule time with Him this morning? Did you take time to read at least a verse and kneel by your bed and send up a prayer before retiring? Were you at least praying for the people you come in contact with? Maybe God has someone He needs you to speak with.

Father, help us to realize our urgent need of the water of life every day. Help us to reestablish our priorities if necessary to spend quality time with you at the beginning of the day, and also at the end of the day. Help us to realize that many people are asking questions these days and seeking answers and help to get through. Help us to recognize these days as days of opportunity for your kingdom. To that end, bless my friend today, that he or she may have that drink, and go from that time, in love with You, and available to You, as You open opportunities to offer that kind word in season. I don't know everything going on in my friend's life, but you do. Please quickly respond to the prayers going up in the best way possible, and do so as quickly as possible. And give peace the entire day. I ask this in Jesus' name, Amen.