Dan Augsburger
Live Like Me
(Hamiton, NZ)

This series was given in Hamilton, NZ, October, 2010. I was challenged to develop a series on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. In my study, I initially focused on the disciples and what Jesus meant when he told them "follow me." The more I studied what it mean to "follow Jesus," the more I wondered if He wasn't referring to perhaps starting the following from the beginning of His life. The more I studied from this perspective, the more exciting my study became. The outcome was rich and  Christ-centered. I believe this is the most meaningful series I have ever done.

Follow Me     MP3     PDF 

Surrender and Overcome Like Me     MP3     PDF 

Receive Power Like Me A (Need and Personality of the Holy Spirit)     MP3     PDF

Receive Power Like Me B (Baptism of the Holy Spirit)     MP3     PDF

Live Like Me     MP3     PDF

Pray Like Me     MP3     PDF

Serve Like Me     MP3     PDF

Continue With Me     MP3     PDF