Dan Augsburger
October 9th, 2010

2 Sam. 3:38 “Do you not know that a great man has fallen this day in Israel.”

When one thinks about David’s relationship to Saul, one word comes to mind: loyalty Though David had his faults, loyalty wasn’t one of them. He was  completely loyal to Saul even though Saul was continually trying to cause trouble and take his life.

To his followers, David’s loyalty probably seemed misguided at times. More than once they offered to take Saul’s life, but David deferred. Saul was God’s anointed, and David defended Saul at every turn even though Saul was unworthy of that loyalty.

After Saul died, the champion that rose up to defend Saul’s name and honor was Abner. Though he may been misguided at times, yet David recognized in Abner a loyal subject of Saul. As a result, when Abner died, though he had raised up a competing monarch and caused other mischief, David still recognized him as a “great man.”

I wonder, if I was being hounded and my life was in constant danger like David’s, would I be as loyal to the one causing the trouble, even if he were the anointed one in my life? Would I respect others who were also loyally serving that anointed one?

Is this loyalty a matter of obedience or a matter of dying to self? I suspect it is more the latter.

Father, I have great difficulty being loyal. I tend to have negative thoughts about other people before I have positive ones. There are times when I am critical. Sometimes the very fact that they are in anointed roles means I dislike them. Sometimes I also think too highly of myself. Sadly, I forget that you are in charge and working on many fronts, and that though people may seem flawed, yet you have placed them in various roles and are depending on them. This is really hard for me Father. Please help me to think and act in relationship to other people in a way that will honor you at ALL times. Give me wisdom with this as well. Maybe the one reading this also struggles with the same thing. Please do a mind and heart transplant for both of us, so that relationships will not hinder the great work you are wanting to do in us and through us. I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Have a blessed day!