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On this page I have collected sermons and writings that are strewn throughout this web site, or published on my blog. The blog contains some of the messages in the order in which they were written.

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Exodus Blog Series
Journeying to Heaven: Lessons From Exodus 7/2/2011
Bible Study
Bible Study: Lingering with Jesus in Emmaus 10/8/2010
David Blog Series
David 1: Hanging Out with the Enemy (Compromise) 10/7/2010
David 2: Loyalty (Honoring our superiors)
David 3:
Proximity, Activity, PLUS Obedience (obedience) 10/10/2010
David 4: The Lord Preserved David (Spiritual Growth) 10/12/2010
David 5: Kindness Accepted (Mephibosheth, salvation) 10/15/2010
David 6: Kindness Spurned (Hanun rejects David's offer, rejecting God) 10/16/2010
David 7:
Sin Is No Respecter of Persons (David tumbles with Bathsheba) 10/17/2010
David 8: Spiritual Thirst = Spiritual Vulnerability (Joab takes Rabbah) 10/27/2010
David 9: Much More! (Nathan identifies David as the man) 10/27/2010
David 10: A Crafty Man (Amnon is betrayed by Jonadab) 10/27/2010
David 11: The Seamy Side of Beauty and Sound bites (Absalom's return to Jerusalem) 10/27/2010

Discouragement: Overcoming Discouragement (Lengthy newsletter on the subject)
Becoming Disciples: Live Like Me (Multipart MP3 series done in Hamilton, NZ) 10/17/2010
Toronto Shining Bright: Servant Disciples (2 of 5 part series done in Toronto, CA) 10/23/2010

Foreign Language Resources
Foreign Language Resource: Romanian Classes on Prayer and More Abundant Life MP3 and notes
Devotional Time
Devotions: Tarrying With Jesus Blog Notes
Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit: The Need and Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Tassie MP3 Series) 10/2010

Holy Spirit: Written Studies
The Need, Personality and Work of the Holy Spirit (1st of 3 Part Written Bible Studies)

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit  (2nd of 3 Part Written Bible Studies)
Indwelling Christ
Job Search
More Abundant Life
More Abundant Life: Chiswick Audio Series
Bible Prophecy B
Small Groups
Small Groups: Jephthah's Vows
Small Groups: ABCs of Small Groups
Small Groups: Small Group Primer

Temptation: Sin Is No Respecter of Persons 10/17/2010
Promoting a Witnessing Lifestyle (12/3/2007)
Responding to God's Call (12/4/2007)
Prayer and the Witnessing Lifestyle 12/5/2007
Witnessing and Limitations 12/6/2007
Witnessing and Group Prayer 12/7/2007
Personal Invitations and Witnessing 12/9/2007
Fear of Man Issues and Witnessing 12/10/2007
Witnessing and the Fear of Looking Ridiculous 12/11/2007
Witnessing and the Fear of Knowing What to Say 12/12/2007
Witnessing and the Fear of Knowing What to Say Part 2 12/13/2007
Witnessing and the Fear of Feeling Unqualified 12/14/2007
Witnessing and the Fear of Making a Mistake 12/15/2007
Witnessing and Sympathetic Knowledge 12/16/2007
Witnessing and Misleading Appearances 12/17/2007
Witnessing In Hopeless Situations 12/18/2007
Our Witnessing Tools 12/21/2007
Witnessing In Our Not So Brave New World 12/23/2007
Living In A "Sola Scriptura" Bubble 1/24/2008
Hudson Taylor 1 | Pressing Forward 3/16/2008
Hudson Taylor 2 | Surrender Brings the Call 3/19/2008
Personal Testimony: The MOST Effective Witness 8/6/2008
Confessing His Faithfulness 8/9/2008
Persist 11/13/2008
Prayer is the Key 11/13/2008
More on Honest Commendation 11/22/2008
Living Out Our Prayers 11/22/2008
Determining God's Will for Witnessing 12/9/2008
Prayer and Witnessing 1/7/2009
Understanding the Buddhist World View 2/19/2009
Connecting With Other Christians 6/21/2010


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