Christopher Hopper
Circuit Preacher Love

“Before I was awakened I was deeply in love with one Jane Richardson, a farmer's daughter, and an agreeable young woman. She was my first love, and had laid fast hold on my youthful heart. She had every accomplishment I wanted, but religion! Alas! She was unacquainted with God. This was a bar indeed! I found a desire to break off all correspondence with her, but was afraid she could not bear it. I was greatly troubled, and prayed for Divine direction. God was pleased to hear and grant my request. She was soon awakened, and found peace with God. All objections being removed, on May the 28th, 1745, we were joined together in Byton church. She was a loving wife, a faithful friend, and a very agreeable companion. She made my joys and sorrows her own. We worshipped God in spirit and truth, and rejoiced in the Son of His love. The same evening I preached at Low-Spenn. The Lord was with us, and we praised His name together. We lived a few months with my wife's friends in a most loving, agreeable manner. God made us of one heart and mind, and united our souls together by one spirit in humble love.”