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Anthony Norris Groves: Christian Devotedness
What did Jesus mean when he said to not lay up treasure where moth and rust corrupt? Was he referring to a savings plan where some funds could be set aside? Did he mean a radical giving of all one's substance? Groves believed it mean the latter. The brother-in-law of George Müller, this tract played a role in Müller choosing to surrender everything to God. This is to be read with prayerful consideration! A pdf for downloading.

Robert Dann: The Legacy of Anthony Norris Groves
This is a brief biography and analysis of Groves from a missionary journal.

Octavius Winslow: The Lord is My Portion
What does it mean to have the Lord as our portion? Pointing out that God did not give the Levites an inheritance in the land of Israel, preferring rather to grant himself as their share, Winslow shares the many ways that Jesus is indeed our portion. Winslow writes in simple, child-like, language and touches the heart.

A. T. Pierson: George Mueller of Bristol (also spelled Müller)
This is the authorized biography of George Müller that was published shortly after his death. Where other biographies include many stories, Pierson's biography helpfully provides the principles that governed Müller in his work

James McConkey: The God Planned Life

Does God really have a plan for our lives? How do we discover that plan? How do we pursue that plan? Does accepting God's plan automatically mean leaving where we live and serving Hims omewhere else? These area all questions explored in this little sermon taken from a sermon published in his book, Life Talks.

James McConkey: Holy Ground
I recently came upon this little booklet being sold by a used bookstore. Reading it through, I realized I had found another one of McConkey's treasured works. In this booklet he speaks of what it means to serve Jesus in all the venues of life. I shared this booklet with a friend who immediately asked for multiple copies to share with friends. Read and find out why.

James McConkey: The Ministry of Suffering
McConkey begins his book with the following thought: "
Can God bring blessing out of suffering Are the clouds of human sorrow and affliction ablaze with glory from the God-ward side? Can God overrule the sorrow and suffering which sin has brought into this groaning world and make them part of the “all things” which “work together for good” to them that love Him? He surely can. He did not send suffering. “Through one man sin entered, and death through sin.” Death with all its sombre train of suffering and sorrows followed in the wake of sin. “An enemy hath done this.” But God can and does overrule suffering to the purifying and perfecting of His saints upon earth. How does He do it ? And what is He bringing forth for His children from this fiery furnace of suffering and affliction?" He proceeds to show how suffering is often part of God's plan for bringing about the perfecting of our lives.

James McConkey: Going In To God and Out To Men
This littel pamphlet comes highly recommened for explaining in a clear and simple way the connection between our daily communion with Jesus and our ability to serve Him in the world. I have read many of his books on spirituality and have been greatly blessed.

Gregory Mantle: Beyond Humiliation: The Way of the Cross
This book is also a "MUST READ" book on the need to die to self. Mantle wrote several books, but this is by far his best. He also includes many poems from other authors. It was in this book that I first learned about Gerhard Tersteegen.

Andrew Murray: With Christ in the School of Prayer
This book transformed my prayer life; it has transformed the prayer life of countless other believers. Though there are few illustrations, Murray provides a comprehensive understanding of prayer in the 31 brief chapters. It is a "MUST READ" in my opinion!

Dan Augsburger: Fundamentals of Prayer
This talk was given at the Maranatha Conference in Toronto, Canada in March, 2007 and covers some of the basics of prayer.

Theodore Monod: "Life More Abundant"
This sermon is wonderfully practical on how to experience a more abundant life. It was delivered in Dublin Ireland in 1876.

Dan Augsburger: Hebrews 12 "Surrounded by a Cloud of Witnesses"
This sermon was first written for the students in Parkland Academy in Alberta Canada. However I shared it wth the children and adults in Fiji as well. Full of stories of great Christians.

Dan Augsburger: Fiji Revival in Nehemiah Series
This is the power point for a four part series on revival in the book of Nehemiah. The pastors always ask me to post my power point slides.

J. E. Orr: Repentance, Preparing the Ground for Revival
I sent this e-mail on repentance to the attendees of the Suva Fiji seminar on revival in the book of Nehemiah. I found Orr's comparisons of revival and caring for a garden most helpful.

Catherine Riley-Bryan: Miracle Answers to Prayer
Catherine shared the worships with me at Tui Ridge Family Camp. I typed out a transcript of her last talk just to encourage others that God is still wonderfully answering prayers! Learn more about the Bamboo School at www.bambooschool.org.

J. C. Ryle: Ruler of the Waves
Another chapter from Ryle's "Holiness," this chapter will wonderfully warm your heart on what it means to have an all-knowing, all sufficient, Savior that you can trust in.

J. C. Ryle: Moses, An Example
This comes from Ryle's "Holiness" which is considered by some as the best book ever written on holiness. I have been reading a chapter a day and find it one of the richest books I have ever read on the subject!

Rosalind Goforth: Finds Victory

This is Rosalind Goforth's personal testimony of how her life changed when she heard Charles Trumbull speak on the subject of victory. She also read his little booklet, "The Life that Wins." (also on this site)

Hannah Whitall Smith: Her Conversion Experience
This is Hannah's testimony of her desperate struggle to bring about her own character transformation, and failing miserably, but eventually finding Jesus as a living, indwelling Savior, and finding victory as she trusted in Him.

Matilda Andross: Prevailing Prayer
This chapter from Alone With God is infused with many tips and illustrations on how to prevail with God. Definitely recommended reading.

Francois Fenelon: Temptations
n a few brief paragraphs, Fenelon shares some important principles for overcoming temptation.

F J Huegel: The Cross & Prayer
This portion of a much read and helpful classic on the cross in the life of the Christian, explains "the reason (so) many find prayer so unsatisfactory and the life of prayer so unattractive, is because they have attempted to enter into prayer's celestrial realms in the strength of the 'old man.'"

Dan Augsburger: ABCs of Prayer Groups
Since 1998 I have participated in some very active and meaningful prayer groups. I try to share what I have learned along the way in these groups.

Dan Augsburger: Overcoming Temptation
This is a short summary taken from a recent sermon on how to respond to temptation.

S. D. Gordon: Prayer Changes Things
S. D. Gordon's three talks on prayer, given in 1910 in London, form the basis of these readings. As usual, what he shares is wonderful!

Dan Augsburger: Small Group Primer
For many years I have participated in small groups. During that time I learned some important core values that make or break a small group. Some time back I was asked to share these ideas at a SEEDS conference in Michigan. Now I'm being asked to speak on small groups again and thought it might be a good idea to share the document on a broader scale.

George Müller: Prevailing Prayer
This is a section of George Müller's book Counsels to Christians. Counsel's to Christians came about as a result of a series of sermons that he gave, and were later compiled into this book.

James McConkey: The Surrendered Life & Addresses
This rare book contains many wonderful chapters and sermons on what it means to surrender. God "hid" this book for me at a used bookstore(it was listed on the internet under a misleading title, but I suspected it was the book I had been seeking, and found to my joy it was indeed McConkey's book) and I consider it one of the wonderful treasures God has sent my way.

James McConkey: The 3 (Three) Fold Secret of the Holy Spirit
This book is considered by some to be the best book on the subject. The much used young adult, William Borden of earlier days took it with him everywhere.

J. E. Conant: Every Member Evangelism
(Selected chapters)
The Empowering Life of Christ
The Overflowing Life of Christ
This is wonderful on the means and power by which God wants to make every son and daughter of God a fruit-producing evangelist. 

Dan Augsburger: More Abundant Life, Fiji & NZ
This includes more detailed outlines for "Acquiring..." and "Maintaining..." These are the sermons that were given in April and May of 2006 in Fiji and New Zealand.

Dan Augsburger: The Indwelling Christ, Selected Thoughts
The readings in this compilation are wonderful!

Major Ian Thomas: 4 Part Sermon
Major Thomas's sermons and his book the Saving Life of Christ has been paradigm changing for me. I heartily recommend this series.

"To be in Christ—that makes you fit for heaven; but for Christ to be in you—that makes you fit for earth!” Saving Life of Christ, p. 16

Nancy DeMoss: Brokenness and Begin At My Sanctuary
Are you feeling there is something amiss among God's people, but are having difficulty articulating it? Wondering what brokenness is all about? These two articles by Nancy DeMoss are wonderful in answering these questions!

Dan Augsburger: Prevailing Prayer
This seven part series has proven helpful and life-changing in many locations.

Dan Augsburger: (GYC 1) Peter, If You Want To Walk On Water...

Dan Augsburger: (GYC 2,3) The More Abundant Life

Dan Augsburger: The More Abundant Prayers Part A; Part B

Dan Augsburger: The More Abundant Life

This includes four handouts from a weekend I did in Canada.

Dan Augsburger: No Limit Christians: MP3; PPT
This talk came to me at 3 AM on a Friday morning when I was pondering what to share that evening with students attending the University of Michigan. It is among the most requested talks I've ever given. The theme is what God is able to do through inviduals who set themselves aside to be filled and used by God. Many famous Christians are surveyed.

Dan Augsburger: Pathway to Victory
This is a brief summary of the way of victory in about 40 minutes. A longer version is the "More Abundant Life."

F B Meyer: The Power of Appropriation
This is a wonderful sermon on what the Jesus can be to all of us as we appropriate — take — Him by faith on a moment by moment basis.

F B Meyer: The Blessed Life of Trust
This short excerpt from his Gospel of John shares an important secret: "
It would be impossible to submit, if we could not also commit. But it becomes easy to do the former when we can do the latter."

George Müller: Faith

This brief discourse wonderfully articulates Müller's understanding of faith.

"When I first began to allow God to deal with me, relying on Him, taking Him at His Word, and set out fifty years ago simply relying on Him for myself, family, taxes, traveling expenses and every other need, I rested on the simple promises I found in the sixth chapter of Matthew...."

George Müller: Bible Reading
Müller's counsel to converts on how to read the Bible is wonderfully practical and to be shared.

Oswald Smith: The Revival We Need
This is a wonderful book on revival. Jonathan Goforth wrote the forward and wished he could have given it to every Christian in the world.

Duncan Campbell: The Price & Power of Revival
Duncan Campbell's sermons on revival are to be sought and listened to. He was personally involved in revival and speaks from first hand knowledge. This is "must read" material!

Charles Trumbull: The Life That Wins
Taken from Charles Trumbull's book Victory In Christ, this chapter speaks to the fact that there is something even better than victory: The Lord Jesus Christ! You will learn why victory is not a behavior, but the indwelling of the Savior, who changes my behavior.

Hudson Taylor: The Exchanged Life
This chapter is taken from Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor. This famous chapter is often referenced as one of the better descriptions of a person personally finding and rejoicing in the indwelling life of Christ. The entire book is wonderful, but this is one of the "must read" chapters of all Christian books on this particular subject.

Andrew Murray: That God May Be All In All
This is the concluding chapter from Master's Indwelling and one that has rich spiritual food.

James McConkey: Surrender Your Life to God
This is my contemporizsation of one of his sermons. I have shared this sermon to many people and have seen lives changed dramatically. You will be blessed!

James McConkey: Sure Shepherd
This wonderful sermon speaks to how God continues to provide even when there doesn't seem to be any water and the green pastures have turned brown. He also shares the history of how his books came to be published. This is the kind of sermon that will forever change those reading it.

T. Austin Sparks: From the Wilderness to the Land

Sparks' book From the Wilderness to the Land eloquently speaks to the reasons for our baffling wilderness experiences. Ultimately, they are all about being emptied of ourselves for the purpose of being filled by the Lord Jesus. As he put it,


"What is the secret of spiritual progress? It is the letting go of our own will and mind to the fact, to the truth, that after all, though Christians at our best, wanting to be a hundred percent for the Lord, it is not in us either to be or do. Our will can never do it, our reason can never accomplish it, our impulses and desires can never get us there. We have to come to a brokenness and yieldedness where nature is laid low in the dust and all our treasure is with the stones of the brook and the Almighty becomes our treasure (Job 22:24-25); the Lord alone our wisdom, our strength and vision, our desire. Until you and I have learned the lesson of that utter brokenness and yieldedness and letting go to the Lord, spiritual progress is delayed.

You look at all that came into the forty years in the wilderness, and you will see it was but the working out of that principle. The Lord was working to keep them close to His Christ, to make His Christ the basis of everything, but they wanted it in themselves, for themselves...."

You will find some books recommended on this page.