Titanic Disaster
Miracle Deliverance

Here is a wonderful story from the Titanic Disaster that demonstrates how God can protect His people.

Among the people mentioned are Stuart Holden, who along wth other pastors, was to preach at a conference in NYC. There is also mention of a Pastor Nesbit who was from the Sialkot mission that some of the readers may recognize as being associated with Praying Hyde.

Regarding Pastor Nesbitt and his family...
"On furlough from his mission in Sialkot, India, en route from Karachi to Boston by way of the Mediterranean and France, the Pastor Henry S. Nesbitt, his wife and five children had planned to sail to New York aboard the Majestic. When this ship’s sailing was canceled by the coal strike, Thomas Cook’s Paris agents assured the Nesbitts that the new ship Titanic would take her passengers on her April 10th maiden voyage. Arriving at London, the Rev. Nesbitt unexpectedly learned of a serious illness that had befallen Mrs. Nesbitt’s father.

Several days of leisurely sightseeing were abruptly set aside. It was now essential that the family cross the Atlantic as soon as possible to reach the ailing man’s side. After considerable trouble, caused by the Good Friday closure of the Cunard offices, they were able to make a last-minute booking on the Cunard liner Carmania, which had a Saturday, April 6 departure date. Traveling by the Cunard boat train to Liverpool where they hastily boarded Carmania, the Nesbitt family reached New York late in the afternoon of April 14, only to read in the following day’s newspapers of the loss at sea of the liner on which they had planned to sail. Had not the merest chance enabled them to sail aboard Carmania, the Nesbitts would have been “automatically” transferred from Majestic to Titanic and might have suffered the privations of the disaster.

Regarding J. Stuary Holden and his wife...
On exhibit at Liverpool’s Merseyside Maritime Museum there is also a yellowed envelope whose black-and-red printing announces that it contains “First Class Passenger Ticket per Steamship…” (Then, written in fading brown ink): Titanic. The writer was Pastor Stuart Holden.

Pastor Holden - vicar of St. Paul’s Church, Portman Square, London - was preparing for his departure to America aboard Titanic to speak at the Christian Conservation Congress (a six-day convention opening at Carnegie Hall April 20) when his plans were interrupted by his wife’s sudden illness. On April 9, one day before sailing, the Rev. Holden postponed his trip to stay at his wife’s side. He returned his ticket, but retained the envelope in which it has been delivered. The envelope was subsequently framed, and in gratitude to God for his miraculous escape, Rev. Holden penned in his own hand on the matte within the frame, an expression of faith and thanksgiving. From Psalm 103, verse 3, the phrase not only speaks for Rev. Holden, but represents the unspoken thanks for all who, for one reason or other, were not aboard Titanic when she departed Queenstown on Thursday, April 11 at 1.30 p.m. with 2,228 persons aboard, or among the 1,523 lost less than 85 hours later. “WHO REDEEMETH THY LIFE FROM DESTRUCTION.”

The Rev. Holden was not the only clergyman planning to attend the Christian Congress who did not sail from England aboard Titanic.

And others...
According to an article in The New York Times April 20, 1912, two other European speakers who had been invited to speak at the convocation also canceled their passages aboard Titanic maiden voyage when forced by circumstances to change their plans: Archbishop Thomas J. Madden, of Liverpool, and the Rev. J.S. Wardell Stafford, Fraternal Delegate of the Wesleyan Church of Great Britain to the six-day evangelical rally.

You can read more about the people who were spared at a the Titanica web site. The article was written by John Eaton.