Katrina's Answer to Prayer

During the first few meetings of the week of prayer, something that again stood out to me was that I needed to pray specifically and not be hesitant to ask according to God’s will. Also, once asking, to wait with expectancy, knowing Jesus had heard me!

I’d been thinking how I had been praying and asking God for help, particularly, with Calculus, and although from the many stories I knew God could hear and answer,  I didn’t think He actually would in my case (Praise God the story wasn't finished yet).

At the December 1st’s meeting I saw how I’d not been really believing that God could answer, and that it was wrong! So I chose to take God at His Word, and believe He had heard my prayers (and Christie and Dan’s prayers), and that God would help me do very well on the quiz the next morning so that I would pass the class.

After I came back from the evening meeting I felt very awake. Studying didn't seem to usually help in calculus. But I didn’t feel right not studying and expecting God to answer my prayer. So I studied. As I studied I asked God to help me, and to make me tired when I should stop and go to bed so I would still get enough sleep. He did.

The next morning I went to the 7:40 AM class. Our teacher decided to let us take the quiz at the 1:15 PM class that day. Praise God! So I was able to study during my spare. One particular practice question I couldn’t figure out.

When the time came for the quiz I’d only studied for 2 of the 3 chapters. On the quiz was 3 questions, one from each chapter, and we were to answer any 2! Praise God again! I did the ones I’d studied for. One of the questions was like the one I’d been trying to answer while studying but couldn’t get.

I felt I did really well for the 1st time, but I had to wait for the next class to find out. When I finished writing the quiz I kept smiling to myself during the lecture because I knew God had heard and helped. It was so different from the last quiz, which I had felt so bad about that afterwards I could hardly concentrate the rest of the class.

Later that afternoon I tried that same question again and I couldn’t get it. To me this is evidence that God gave me wisdom and understanding during the quiz. I did as was suggested in the prayer meeting, and prayed over every question.

Friday morning I got my quiz back and I made 2 minor errors, but I was given 100%! God answers prayer! I was so excited!

In the email Dan had sent out a few days before he came, he had mentioned the need for specific prayer and told how 2 students had prayed for help with their tests. One had prayed to do better on the test and  did; the other prayed for 97% and she got it too.

I had this in my mind when I was praying about the calculus quiz. I thought that if we are to pray specifically and God answers in the same way these 2 students had asked, that I needed to be specific. Since I had been doing really badly in the class and was having a very hard time understanding it,  in fact didn't feel like studying was helping, I decided if God was going to help me, why not ask Him for 100%. During the meetings I also had the thought that I should not be afraid that God would disappoint me, for that would disappoints God.