Answers to Prayer

I hear many stories of answers to prayer so far as schooling goes. Here are a few of them.

A quick testimony: I prayed a lot for my exams and had asked the prayer meeting group to pray for me as well. So today morning, while I was reviewing the course (Modern Chromatographic Analysis) I came on a diagram that describes injection of analyte using High performance Liquid chromatography. I felt some thing powerful saying that's a question for exam! And I jumped up and said: Thank you Lord for giving this question. There were no doubt it was from the lord . For I studied before and never paid much attention to that diagram. I mean this coarse is full of figures, graphics and diagrams, but some how on that one, today arround 10 to 11 am(may be somebody was praying for me) it stood out! Guess what! the same question came on the exam. " Draw the injector in HPLC and explain how it works" I was shocked. We're serving a powerful God. Sorry for being too long.

This school year has been full of blessings: from assigned patients during clinical who were hungering and thirsting for Christ, to a 100% in a Statistics class comprehensive final that I had not been expecting (I know for certain that I DID NOT get all the questions correct!), to having the privilege being the speaker in a class vespers. I believe that God has continued to bless me not only because of His boundless mercy, but because I have committed quality time to Him each morning throughout the school year. God is good, no, awesome—always!

He studied as hard as he could and prepared carefully. Then went to the test. None of the questions he had prepared were on the test. He didn’t know what to do. So he made it a matter of prayer. He asked God what to do. He heard a little voice say, “write as much as you can.” So he did. He passed the test.

She was doing very poorly in a particular class and her GPA was going to drop way down. So she figured out aht to pull the grade back to a B she would need to have a 97%. She made it a matter of prayer. God answered her prayer and she got exactly that.

Was struggling with her calculus class and would pray, but nothing changed. At a time when I was holding a week of prayer in her area she was going to have a quiz and felt she needed to study. But extra studying instead of going to prayer meeting never seemed to help, so she decided to attend the meeting regardless. In praying about her quiz, she realized she didn’t really believe that God would answer her prayer. So she decided to believe God would hear her prayer, AND study. After returning home that evening, she didn’t feel tired, which was unusual, and was able to study. The next day the quiz was delayed and she had extra time to review, though she only had time to look at two of the three problems they were being quizzed over. But she prayed and did what she could. Finally she went to take the test. Praise God, only two of the three questions were there, and they happened to be the ones she had prepared for. Well, she prayed before each problem and asked God to help her. Amazingly, she knew how to do them—thought she might have done well in fact. Later the same day, in her own room, she tried to do the problems again, but couldn’t. The next day she discovered she had gotten 100%.

Later she worte me the following note: "Something else God did for me with Calculus was in the last week of classes.  I had told one of my friends what God had done for me with the quiz.  She was studying for a chemistry test and was not understanding the material.  So after hearing my story she decided that although it didn't make sense she would "Study for God," and be thankful that she was in College, had the opportunity to study and take the test.  As she was studying for the test with one of her classmates she told him about her decision. I had just has a Calculus class and was working on our assignment. Once again it didn't make sense and I was feeling tempted to let Calculus look bigger than God.  Just then my friend came up to me all excited and told me how what I had shared with her had encouraged her.  And she had just found out that she gotten an A- on the test!  She said she just knew that God had helped her! because while studying it didn't make sense. That encouraged me to trust God for my test as well. I had a high enough score to pass the test!