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What does Revelation say about the Future?  Armegeddon

What does Revelation say about the Second Coming?  Revelation's Glorious Rapture 

What is the Beast of Revelation?  The Beast A     The Beast B

What is the Good News of Revelation?  Good News

What does Revelation say about the Final Judgment?  Judgment A     Judgment B

What does it mean to Follow the Beast?  Following Beast A     Following Beast B

What Great Deception is identified in Revelation?  Beast's Great Deception

What does Revelation say about Honoring God?  Reward Offered!   More Information    
What does Revelation say about Making Choices?  Can't Make Me 

What does Revelation say about death?  Keys of Death


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Honoring God as the Creator, God's Way

Reflections: Christ and the Sabbath (Marvelous!!!)

"The Sabbath is a sign to every Christian of the creative power of God in his deliverance from the power of sin. It is a sign to him of the blessing of God in turning him away from his iniquities. It is a sign to him of the presence of Christ to make him holy. It is a sign to him of the presence of Christ in him to sanctify him. That is to say, it is a measure of the working of that creative power in his individual experience." (Read all of this marvelous essay on the Sabbath)

Reflections: The Seventh-Day Sabbath, A Statement Against Evolution

Bible Study on Honoring God the Creator

Sabbath in the Bible: Romans 14:5 (The Word "alike" does not appear in the original text)

Sabbath in the Bible: Colossians 2:14 (No part of the moral law could be construed to be a "shadow")

Sabbath in the Bible: Acts 20:7; 1 Cor. 16:2 (Paul spoke Saturday night because he left on his journey Sunday morning)

J. N. Andrews Article: Time for Commencing the Sabbath

When does the Sabbath begin according to the Bible? This helpful article clearly indicates the Bible's teaching on the subject.

Lunar Sabbath

Helpful information can be found at this web site.

The History of God's Special Day

How to Keep God's Special Day

Honoring God with Your Money

Honoring God with Your Life

The Millenium


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