Holy Spirit and Prayer

"The Spirit Helps us...." Rom. 8:26

"It may seem a very simple thing to kneel down and talk thirty minutes or more with the Lord; but those of us who love to pray and are trying to live a life of prayer find out after awhile that it requires strength from the Holy Spirit to pray effectively. To pray Scripturally, and in the Spirit, requires a divine touch upon our wills to give us patient perseverance, and another touch upon our attentiveness to concentrate our perceptions on God and spiritual things, and another touch on our imagination to form spiritual images or ideas of heavenly things, or of states of experience, and another touch upon our affections that we may pray with a proper feeling and intense desire after God's glory. Without divine strength to pray with, our prayers will wither just like flowers without water. So at the beginning of a season of prayer we should ask our heavenly Father to impart to us by the Holy Spirit special strength all through our faculties, that we may pray acceptable and effectively.—Living Words."—George Culp, Calloused Knees, Salem, OH: Allegheny Publications, 1986), p. 237, 238.

The above words certainly ring true in my experience. There are times when it becomes exceedingly hard to persist in praying. I believe this is due to a wide variety of factors, including fatigue, feeling overwhelmed by the challenges needing to be overcome through prayer, the many distractions all around us, and low times in our walk with Jesus. I am sure you know what I am referring to. Accordingly, I found these words to be encouraing and instructive.

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