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Ben L.
Answers to Prayer

An Introduction

Ben is a friend and prayer partner whose life has greatly inspired me. He is in his 80s and has been through a lot. He was to have die twice, but both times God miraculously healed him. He is greatly loved in his community and many have experienced the presence of God when spending time with Ben.

Ben has been sharing stories with me for as long as I have known him, and I have been sharing those stories with others. I decided to sit down with Ben and record his stories so that others might enjoy the same blessings I have enjoyed.

I hope hearing his testimony encourages  you to trust God more. I hope you will also send up a prayer or to for Ben, since he is older and looks to God to provide for him and overcome the daily physical challenges he endures.

Here is a recent picture of Ben. Notice that you can' tell that part of his skull is missing due to his being hit by the piece of iron that fell from a fork lift.

My Praying Friend Ben
Ben's Testimony