Frank Phillips' Teachings

From a letter dated July 20, 1978

“...The very foundation and principle upon which the message rests and functions in our lives is through our dying with Christ in His death. Miles Standford and Mead MacGuire both make this very clear. Ellen White makes it even more clear. Read Selected Messages book 1 beginning with the first temptation of Jesus on page 271. Your hearts will be blessed. Keep in mind that statement which is found in 7 B.C. p. 930. “It was a difficult task for the Prince of life to carry out the plan which He had undertaken for the salvation of man, in clothing His divinity with humanity. He had received honor in the heavenly courts, and was familiar with absolute power. It was as difficult for Him to keep the level of humanity as for men to rise above the low level of their depraved natures and be partakers of the divine nature.”

Christ’s life on this earth was like the born again Christian’s must be—a life of perfect trust in God. He trusted Himself to His Father; we trust ourselves to Him. He lived without depending upon His perfect nature which He had set aside before He left heaven. We must live, realizing as He did, that of ourselves we can do nothing. We die to our old nature and live by Christ who dwells within us. Christ refused to use His divine (natural) nature! We must never revert to using our human (natural) nature which is dead, which we must keep dead continuously. 2 Cor. 4: 10 -12

Satan tempted both Christ and us in the same way, by trying to break our relationship or dependence upon God. This is why we must constantly think positionally and not conditionally. Being justified, we are members of God’s family—a fact we must never forget. Whenever we do wrong Satan tries to use our failure as evidence that our position is not real but only imaginary. He also tried to force Christ to think the same way.”

From a letter dated September 9, 1984

“...For several months I have been studying in the area of the “Plan of Redemption” which has proven very rewarding. I am including some of the material in my new series of meetings. It gives one a new sense of urgency to realize that this subject is the one unique contribution that (we) give to the world. All other subjects fit into this plan. All our doctrinal points have been taught by others, but “God’s Plan of Redemption” can only be understood when placed (as) a true message for our time. The universality of the plan staggers ones mind. It amazes one to let the mind comprehend how inhabitants on other worlds have been dealt with so patiently, so carefully and all to protect the “power of choice,” the “will.” Nahum 1:9 is a promise that includes heaven, other worlds and this planet also. When this sin problem will have been settled it will never arise even in the thoughts of any created being. Thank God for that!”

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