Dan Augsburger
CAMPUS 2009 Class Audio

The audio content comes from class sessions held in Ann Arbor, MI with the CAMPUS missionaries. Not all of the audio was recorded unfortunately, but the recorded ones are posted here.

Spiritual Preparation of the Missionary Volunteer

Hudson Taylor preached a helpful sermon on this topic in 1894 at a student missionary conference that was held in Detroit, Michigan. Among the main points are making the devotional study of the Bible a daily priority, remain a free instrument that God can use, make God's word a delight, KNOW the Word, not just ABOUT the Word, etc.. You will enjoy reading his sermon as well as listening to our discussion.

Spiritual Preparation Session: Spiritual Prep Audio     Handout PDF

Discovering God's Will

One of the most important topics for young adults and mature Christians is how to know God's will. I spent considerable time on the topic one morning, going over Taylor's sermon. The pdf is of his sermon.

Discovering God's Will Session: God's Will Audio     Handout PDF

Dan's Prayer Testimony

In the course of the discussion on knowing God's will, I told about a summer when God answered prayers in amazing ways. Because the testimony is embedded deeply within the other discussion, and therefore hard to find, I made a copy of the clip and have added it here.

Dan's Prayer Testimony Session: Prayer Audio   

Dan Augsburger: Seeking Christ's Righteousness

This was the first of four sessions on the more abundant life. Unfortunately the two middle sessions were missed. However the ones recorded are very helpful, and accordingly shared here. Because the session was so long, it was divided into three parts. Be sure to have the handout when listening.

Christ's Righteousness Audio: Part A   Part B   Part C     Handout PDF

Dan Augsburger: Jesus as an Indwelling Saviour

This was the last session, and considers the need to not only die to self, but also receiving Jesus as an indwelling Saviour. Too many know about the dying to self surrender, phase of Christianity, but few understand the need or the manner of receiving, Jesus as an indwelling Saviour. Reference is often made to the syllabus which you will want to have on hand when listening.

Jesus as an Indwelling Saviour: Indwelling Audio     Handout PDF