Christian Witnessing Success Factors

"Go into the highways and byways..."

On this page I will be gathering various resources that address witnessing success factors.

E. White: How to Gain Success in Christian Witnessing

"The burden that we bear for Christ's sake, the willingness of our service, the completeness of our surrender,—this is the measure of our love for Him, and of our success in service. Many Christians are working at cross purposes with God. They tell us that they are waiting for some great work to come to them. They neglect the daily duties of life. These seem to them to be uninteresting and unimportant. They long restlessly for a large place. Day by day they lose opportunities to show their faithfulness to God. While waiting for some great work, their life passes away." (Read the rest of this article)

E. White: Overcome Failure in Christian Witnessing

"Great men, learned men, can be reached better by the simplicity of a godly life than by all the sharp arguments that may be poured upon them. Good impressions will be given when religion is full of vitality which will give life and progress." (Read the rest of this article)

Dan Augsburger: Overcoming Perceived Limitations

"Perhaps today you find your circumstances challenging. Perhaps you find yourself hedged in by some physical limitation, some financial straight, or by some other confining situation that would get in the way of God witnessing through you. Don’t let the difficulty dissuade you from adopting a witnessing lifestyle. Don’t let the difficulty keep you from believing that God WILL witness through you. Don’t let the difficulty keep you from dreaming big for God. In Isaiah 49:11 it says, “I will make ALL My mountains a way, and My highways shall be exalted." (Read the rest of this article)

Dan Augsburger: Don't Let the Fear of Man Bring Failure

"Recognizing things were not going well, one of the young women proposed they kneel right there in the public square and ask the Lord to take over . “Daft Jimmy” prayed—a LONG prayer, but not nearly long enough for Billy who was desperately trying to avoid eye contact with the curious onlookers. But something happened during that prayer, for when Billy rose from his knees, he was forever cured of fearing what others were thinking of him. As one author put it, 'His reputation had died and a public funeral had been conducted in that meeting…. He had lost what he never wanted to find, and had just found what he never wanted to lose. He had lost his reputation and his fear of man.' Nicholson went on to become a great soul winner for Christ." (Read the rest of the article)

Dan Augsburger: Overcoming the "What Will I Say" Factor

"Condemnation at the opportune moment would have ended the conversation. Most of us would have condemned the young man, not because we wanted to, but because FAILING TO AFFIRM IN A POSITIVE WAY, the person being witnessed to would have read in our words condemnation since they ALREADY FELT CONDEMNED WITHIN THEMSELVES and therefore assumed we also condemned them. The important thing for now is recognizing that finding ways to affirm people is the BEST way to start when witnessing. Of course you don’t want your conversation to end there, and it may take time to get to spiritual matters, but if they are convinced you see them as a person of value and that you care about THEM, they will open their hearts to a conversation about other things—spiritual things, the Lord willing—eventually." (Read the rest of the story)

Dan Augsburger: Overcoming Feeling Unqualified

"As I think of the people God used in a great way, past and present, I don’t find that he limited himself to people that had particular schooling or circumstances that seemed conducive to successful witnessing. Rather he took real people, gave them a personal testimony, and worked wonders through them. Some of them, for example the woman at the well (John 4) and the demoniacs of the Gadarene country (Mark 5), were anything but qualified--they seemed disqualified, but their coming into relationship with Jesus meant that God could use them, and He did! Now, remember they were not able to share lengthy Bible studies, all they could share was what they had personally experienced: they had once been lost--speaking rhetorically—but now were found!" (Read the rest of the article)