James Fraser
Overcoming Satan's Attacks

"'They will fight against you, but they shall not prevail against you. For I am with you,' says the Lord, 'to deliver you." Jer. 1:19

"Each time your spirit goes under and faints in the testing and trials which come to you, you lose mastery over the powers of darkness, i.e. you get below them instead of abiding above them in God. Every time you take the earth standpoint--think as men think, talk as men talk, look as men look--you take a place below the powers of darkness. The mastery of them depends upon your spirit abiding in the place above them, and the place above them means knowing God's outlook, God's view, God's thought, God's plan, God's ways, by abiding with Christ in God....

You may be so entangled in the things of earth that your spirit cannot rise above them. The devil knows this and pours earthly things upon you to keep you down, so that you go under and not over when the battle comes.

The aim of Satanic power is to cut off communication with God. To accomplish this aim he deludes the soul with a sense of defeat, covers him with a thick cloud of darkness, depresses and oppresses the spirit, which in turn hinders prayer and leads to unbelief--thus destroying all power (instead of seeing Heb. 11:1).

Any position you have really taken with God's help, may be re-taken at once by faith after a temporary lapse.

It is one of the most subtle wiles of the foe to get us occupied with superficial and surface concerns (e.g. book selling, language study, running mission-stations, report writing, correspondence, account-keeping, building, repairs, buying things, reading, etc., etc.,). The enemy is delighted to have us so occupied incessantly with secondary and trivial concerns, as to keep us from attacking and resisting in the true spirit of the conflict."
Quoted in Behind the Ranges, the story of James Fraser, by Mrs. Howard Taylor, p. 132,133