Prayer Brings Visa

"Call to me!" Jer. 33:3

After attending two of Dan’s sessions on prevailing prayer, I was really impressed to pray for a huge issue my fiancée Kenny and I were facing.

Kenny had applied for a work visa, for which we had been waiting for more than 2 years. Normally, work visas take 6 weeks. Kenny had tried talking to his company to see what was going on but every time he hit a brick wall. I was getting tired of it and kept pushing him to do something.

Wednesday night, after one of your Prayer Sessions, we decided to pray since we were going to meet the immigration people the following day.

I was really impressed to pray a “prayer of faith.” So I asked Kenny, “What would you like the outcome to be tomorrow?” He said to me he wanted to know what was going with his visa and how he could make things move quicker. I boldly said, if you were to ask me, I would say, “Lord, I want to walk out of there with a visa stamp on Kenny’s passport.” He responded, “That’s too extreme, we know they have misplaced so many of my documents, therefore there is no way they can approve it just like that tomorrow; that would be impossible!” I told him, “The word ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist in God’s vocabulary; all things are possible when it comes to my God.”

So we sat there battling as to what we were going to pray for, since I totally refused to seek for the lower request that he wanted. I wanted God to take control and work things out for us, once and for all. I started giving him examples of instances in the Bible where humanly impossible situations were made possible through the divine power of God. I told him about Lazarus; I told him about Elijah stopping the rain and then praying for it to rain again. Still, the cloud of doubt was still lingered on Kenny’s mind. For some reason, I was now in tears, pleading with him, “If only you would believe; if only you would believe that He is able,” I cried, continuing to tell him the Bible stories.

Later, I remembered the story about a father in the Bible who prayed about his unbelief so that his child could be healed. Then I said, “let’s start by praying about our unbelief.” We prayed and prayed for that until we had such peace! We paused, asking God to speak to us. We were given the text, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Php 4:6,7). Then we both agreed to pray that we would have a visa label on the passport when we left from our appointment.

Well, we got there Thursday afternoon and were told that no work visa had been applied for, rather, the immigration office had made a mistake since 2005 in having made no decision on Kenny’s student visa. We were shocked. There was no way a University would allow a student to study without a valid visa since there were such strict rules.

We were asked to return the following morning. Once again they checked their records and found no indication of a work visa application from Kenny’s company, only a pending student visa which was very unusual since Kenny had finished his studies in 2006. So the immigration officer apologized and decided to give Kenny a Postgraduate student visa for a month, which would allow him to apply for a student visa, which would then allow him to apply for a spouse visa once we are married.

God answered our prayer. God is indeed faithful!