Broccoli Asparagus Soup
(From Southwest Michigan)


1 gallon distilled water
1 very large sweet onion chopped
2 carrots chopped
one half package of fresh thyme and rosemary
2 bunches of broccoli topped, save stems (stems must be peeled and chopped)
3 pounds of asparagus cut in half save top half for later
3 tablespoon of sea salt or to taste
one quarter cup yeast flakes


Put all ingredients together except top half of asparagus and half bunch of broccoli tops.
Cook until tender and let cool for 30 minutes.
Next take semi cooled soup and blend it until it is all creamy (no lumps).
Finally take the top half of asparagus, cut them into three quarter inch pieces and cut up the half bunch of broccoli tops. 
Add to the creamy soup mixture and cook until the broccoli is half done.
Add the thickener until it is thickened to your preference.
Your soup is now ready to serve.

Add a thickener (Wondra …in blue canister pint and half at Meijers, or elsewhere at GFS in a smaller card board can and it thickens anything (in  a blue can which is 12 oz.).  Ask them.  She starts with 2 table spoons and she watches to see how thick it gets. The person sharing the recipe likes to have her soups lighter, Her husband likes it thicker.