Christian Ministry Resources

In considering Christian ministry, the following words of William Carey bear remembering, whether we are a pastor or not:

"A Christian minister is a person who in a peculiar sense is not his own; he is the servant of God, and therefore ought to be wholly devoted to him. By entering on that sacred office he solemnly undertakes to be always engaged, as much as possible, in the Lord’s work, and not to choose his own pleasure, or employment, or pursue the ministry as a something that is to subserve his own ends, or interests, or as a kind of bye-work. He engages to go where God pleases, and to do, or endure what he sees fit to command, or call him to, in the exercise of his function. He virtually bids farewell to friends, pleasures, and comforts, and stands in readiness to endure the greatest sufferings in the work of his Lord, and Master. It is inconsistent for ministers to please themselves with thoughts of a numerous auditory, cordial friends, a civilized country, legal protection, affluence, splendor, or even a competency. The flights, and hatred of men, and even pretended friends, gloomy prisons, and tortures, the society of barbarians of uncouth speech, miserable accommodations in wretched wildernesses, hunger, and thirst, nakedness, weariness, and painfulness, hard work, and but little worldly encouragement, should rather be the objects of their expectation." William Carey (Missionary to India), from Enquiry into the Obligations of Christians to Use Means for the Conversion of the Heathens

Bible Class (Teaching a Bible Class)
Learn about the need to share a thoughtful overview, facilitate discussion, getting people to contribute, broaden participation, ask key questions, speak to the whole person, share vivid illusrtrations, maintain focus, resist distractions and appeal to conscience!

"Our teachers need to be converted men and women, who know what it means to wrestle with God, who will not be at rest until the hearts of the children are turned to love, praise, and glorify God. Who will be earnest workers for souls in our Sabbath schools? Who will take the youth separately, and talk and pray with them, and make personal appeals to them, beseeching them to yield their heart to Jesus, that they may be as a sweet savor to Christ?"

A Sample Outline 
A Sample Outline (This is a simple outline that may help you in preparing)

A Sample Lesson (This is a lesson I developed for a collegiate class on the woman at the well)

Woman at the Well: Mask-uerading

This study considers the masks that people where in society so often, why they wear those masks, and how Jesus can bring freedom from those masks. This is a sample of a lesson that gets the student's attention and then leads them into a discussion on what Jesus wants to do for them.
Bible Studies (Giving Bible Studies)

Sermon (Preparing a Sermon)

Preaching (Here are some resources found on preparing sermons)

Small Groups (Tips and scripts for small groups)

Dan Augsburger's Scripts (Lessons developed when sponsoring a collegiate class at earlier time)

Small Group Primers (Here are a few primers on running regular small groups and prayer groups)

Testimonial (Here is a testimonial on the kind of group promoted)