Rosalind Goforth

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Rosalind Goforth, wife of missionary and revivalist Jonathan Goforth, served God in China on behalf of the China Inland Mission. She was born in London England on May 6, 1864. From England the family moved to Montreal Canada. Her father being an artist who she frequently observed painting, she quickly developed artistic abilities and seemed destined to become an artist. By 1885 she had completed her studies at the Toronto School of Art and was preparing to go to London to do further artistic studies. However at the age of 12 she had given her life to God and in the early part of 1885 began praying for God's leading relative to a husband who would be "wholly devoted up to (God) and His service. I wanted no other." In June of that year she became acquainted with Jonathan Goforth and through God's leading eventually accepted his request to become his wife, though to do so was to accept God always having the last word in their lives—of course necessitating a different direction in life than art, and her quickly learning how true this was on a practical basis when Jonathan chose to give the money needed for the engagement ring she had been dreaming about, to pay for books he was handing out. They went on to serve God for many years together in China, learning many lessons on how to pray and receive God's answers to prayer. Her book "How I Know God Answers Prayer" should be required reading!

An Introductory Statement

“I was beginning to learn that God is limited only from the human side; and that He is always willing to give beyond our asking if the human conditions He has plainly laid down in His Word are fulfilled. Rosalind Goforth “How I Know God Answers Prayer,” Page 33


1. Contrite humility before God and forsaking sin.
2 Chron 7: 14
2. Seeking God with the whole heart. Jer 29: 12, 13
3. Faith in God. Mark 11: 23, 24
4. Obedience. 1 John 3: 22
5. Dependence on the Holy Spirit. Rom 8: 26
6. Importunity. Mark 7: 24-30; Luke 11: 5-10
7. Ask in accordance with God’s will. 1 John 5: 14
8. In Christ’s Name. John 14: 13, 14 (and many other passages)
9. Willing to make amends for the wrongs to others. Matt 5: 23, 24

Causes of Failure in Prayer

1. Sin in the heart and life. Ps 66: 18; Isa 59: 1, 2
2. Persistent refusal to obey God. Prov 1: 24-29; Zech 7: 11, 13
3. Formalism and hypocrisy. Isa 1: 2-15
4. Unwillingness to forgive others. Mark 11: 25, 26
5. Wrong motives. James 4: 2, 3
6. Despising God’s law. Amos 2: 4
7. Lack of love and mercy. Prov 21: 13

Taken from her book, “How I Know God Answers Prayer,” Pages 116, 117.