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How To Use The Web Site & Materials

Itis best to study the materials on the web site in a sequential way. Onmost pages there is a "click here" line somewhere on the page thatleads you to the next document in the study. It is best to follow the"click here" prompts.

Use of materials

Quotations are taken from books in the public domain, or I have obtained permission to use them. Please use them for study purposes only; commercial use is forbidden.

Regarding the order of quotations, I have chosen to rank the quotes based on the alphabetical order of the author's last name for simplicity sake.

Things To Look For

Information on intercessory prayer and getting specific answers.

Information on sanctification and victory, including the study guide I use in seminars.

Materials to use in your setting.

Treasured old books that are out of print and in the public domain. (forthcoming)

Links to other internet sites where you can find prayer and victory materials.

Supporting This Ministry

I have uploaded many years of research on this site for the sake of instructing believers on the subject of prayer. I know that many churches are using the pages as subject matter for small group studies and midweek prayer services. I am happy they are being used.

There are a variety of ways you can support my efforts.

Prayer: Please pray that God will continue leading in the selection of materials and guiding me as I attempt to share life-changing quotations and stories of great Christians.

Link: Link my site to your site as a way of making more people aware of these materials.


If you feel led of the to support my efforts it will be greatly appreciated. In addition to developing these materials I spend close to half my time giving seminars in churches. I consider myself a missionary to God's people in the more secularized countries of the United States and Western Europe.
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