Reading Notes

I am constantly seeking, collecting and reading old books--that is why I teach a course on the history of Christian (Biblical) Spirituality at a local Seminary. I thought it might be a blessing to the visitors of my web site to enjoy some of the choice gems of that reading. This page will list authors. Clicking on their names will bring you to the gems.

David Brainerd (Prayer and Soul Winning)

David Brainerd (1718-1747) found salvation at the age of 20, began preaching at the age of 24, and spent the next three years preaching to the native Americans in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the United States. As a result of his passion for prayer, and the time he devoted to prayer, God was able to bring about wonderful results through his labors. Though he could only speak through a drunken interpreter, many of his listeners were touched. His diary is well worth reading! Much of what you find here is on prayer and the power of God placing the desire to pray on the part of His child, and work to win indigenous people who lived in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Click here for gems of David Brainerd

"Oh, it is a sweet disposition, heartily to forgive all injuries done to us; to wish our greatest enemies as well as we do our own souls."

F. J. Huegel (Overcoming Sin and Temptation)

F. J. Huegel (1889-1971) was a chaplain in WWI and a missionary in Mexico. He wrote many books that are worth reading.
   Click here for gems of F. J. Huegel

"If the 'self-life' is supreme, Satan does not have to be invited in. The lines are already set for the 'electric' current to flow. Satan is master of ceremonies, though he be apparently non-existent."

Legh Richmond (Raising a Christian Family)
Legh Richmond wrote some very interesting things on family life that still ring true today. I am going to read from his book for a time and will add meaningful quotes as I find them. He wrote in the 1800s. Click here to find some gems from Legh Richmond
“I am persuaded that music is designed to prepare for heaven; to educate for the choral enjoyment of paradise; to form the mind to virtue and devotion, and to charm away evil, and sanctify the heart to God. A Christian musician is one who has a harp in his affections, which he daily tunes to the notes of the angelic host, and with which he makes melody in his heart to the Lord."