Pastor Phillips recommended books to the attendees of his revivals. He found 150 copies of Mead MacGuire's books and was sellign them for $3.50 at the time of the Andrews Week of Prayer.

Ellen White:

Mount of Blessings
Steps To Christ
Desire of Ages
Christ Object Lessons
Ministry of Healing

Mead MacGuire (I'm guessing his favorite author after Ellen White):

The Life of Victory (Strongly recommended by Elder Phillips)
His Cross And Mine
Lambs Among Wolves (Includes "Victory By Dying, Not Trying " chapter)
Does God Care

A. G. Daniels:

Christ Our Righteousness

Andrew Murray:

Abide In Christ (Recommended strongly by Elder Phillips; quoted by Mead MacGuire)
Absolute Surrender
Not My Will
Abide Above
The True Vine (Popular and quoted by Elder Phillips)
Christ Is All
The New Life
Children For Christ

Miles Stanford (This author no longer lives, but collected and compiled quotations, and shared them with his friends. They were eventually published as "Principles of Spiritual Growth"—sometimes called the "Green Letters," and is very instructive):

Principles Spiritual Growth (Strongly recommended by Elder Phillips)
The Principle of Position
The Ground of Growth
The Reckoning That Counts

Hannah Whitehall Smith:

The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life (This book changed the Christian world)
The God of All Comfort

Charles Trumbull (A favorite author of Frank Phillips):

Victory in Christ (This is a "must read" book):

F J Huegel:

Forever Triumphant
Reigning With Christ
Bone of His Bone (Recommended by Elder Phillips)


The Cross of Christ
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