Promises Bring Deliverance
Overcome Powers of Darkness
Restore Sleep

A Testimony

"I will both lie down in peace, and sleep;
For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety." Ps. 4:8

"When you lie down, you will not be afraid;
yes you will lie down and your sleep will be sweet." Prov. 3:24

"They overcame him...." Rev 12:11

For months I struggled with a presence that deliberately interrupted my sleep. I never saw or even directly felt a touch of any kind, but was aware of a disturbance.

It seemed to follow a pattern, though the time varied when it would happen. I would awake very tired and frustrated. I recall wanting to cry out for help, but no words came forth. I could feel my body responding but could not stop reacting.

In a few encounters, I heard a voice telling me call for Jesus. I did, but it seemed no one else could hear except Jesus. I would call for Jesus in this state of sleep and consciousness. Immediately following my calling on the name of the lord, I would awake, baffled, confused, somewhat concerned, and unable to regain the necessary peace to rest comfortably.

I remember calling you Dan, because I needed a solution. I wanted to know why my prayers to God had not brought victory up to that point. I had been praying relentlessly for God to reveal an answer that would stop the problem once and for all, but nothing came. You encouraged me to not to give attention to the things I was experiencing, Dan, lest they worsened. I was grateful for the advice because I had been giving too much attention to the problem as a result of the frustrating accompanying physical symptoms.


Immediately after hanging up the phone with you, someone seemed to clearly say the following words to me: "Write down Bible promises on deliverance and post them all over your room." I looked around to see who might have spoken to me, but I was the only one in the room. So I sat at my computer, took my bible and book of promises, and wrote down promises related to God’s deliverance. That evening I taped those promises all over my bed, around my bed, on the walls of my room. Then I claimed each one of them, telling God I was confident of His ability to do what was promised in those verses. Then I opened every one of my Bibles to the promises and left them opened through the night. I also opened my favorite Bible to a promise and placed it under my pillow.

That night I slept like a baby. My sleep was peaceful and undisturbed.

It has been about 4 months since that night and I have been sleeping in God's peace ever since.  My promises are still on my walls and I continue the routine every night. I also use the promises when I need other victories and gifts from the lord.  His promises are true; He has not disappointed me. I am not afraid to claim them.