Miracle Provision of Gas

"Because of his persistence he will rise and give him as many as he needs."

Abstract: God is still providing for His children in miraculous ways as attested to in this true testimony.

A friend and I had been praying for a new job for her. She called again, a few months later saying there was a possible job opening up and we needed to pray about whether God wanted her to take it considering everything going on in her life.

A few weeks later to my dismay she called to say she was moving farther away to take the position God had given her. She had a month to pack a whole house and keep up with a full-time job and aged parents who were ill on top of her own health challenges. We kept in touch every day. It soon became clear there wasn’t going to be enough time with all she had to do to pack the house though everyday she packed a few boxes.

I was seven hours away and felt helpless; though staying in touch was useful in keeping her priorities on the right things, I could hear the despair in her voice. The feeling of needing to help grew strong, but I was seven hours away and gas was just ridiculously costly.

I prayed about the need my friend had and what God wanted me to do with it. Should I go or just listen on the end of the phone. God answered. He opened up some time at work but there was not enough money, and gas was soaring at $4.50 a gallon. How could I do it? Seven hours, 450 miles equaled a lot of money in gas. 

(For the reader: I am self-employed so missing a week of work meant missing a week of pay also.)

I called her and mentioned that God had opened my schedule to take time off. And, I thought there was enough money for gas. I knew she didn’t have any money either, but she said she would pay half of the gas if I would come. It had been a year since we had been together, and this may be the last time we would see each other for a longer time since she would be eight hours farther away.

We made arrangements for the end of July.

It came time to leave, we prayed for safekeeping, and that my 15-year-old car would not have any problems on the way. I climbed in the car and drove about an hour before filling the tank, which equaled $60, and I would have to do that at least twice each way. Gas was less in Indiana and the farther you drove south the cheaper it was so the news said. The long stretches of road were lonely, but singing along to scripture songs on a tape and praying for wisdom and strength for moving was comforting.

It was a very nice drive. I watched the gas gauge, and for the cheapest place to stop for gas, but the gauge hardly moved. I stopped frequently for food and to stretch my legs but not for gas.

Pulling into her drive my eye caught the gauge for the last time and it hit me. God drove me 6 hrs on a quarter tank of gas! 

My friend asked, “What kind of car is this?  Truly this must be God’s car!”

Praising God for his blessing, the next week was filled with conversations and lots of packing. Oh, what a blessing for us as we spent time together.

But that wasn’t all! A week later when it was time to leave, I topped off the tank for the drive home. The customary stops for food and to stretch my legs were made, but not for gas. When I got home again, after driving seven hours I looked at the gas gauge. A quarter tank of gas was gone. God knew neither of us had the money and supplied this car with God’s gas. What a blessing to bless others in their time of need and share just how powerful God truly is.

Praise God! He is faithful to His unworthy children!

Oh, and my gas tank holds 15 gals so that was what 3.75 gals. What a God!

I did my part; driving 64 miles an hour to save gas, but this was just God and God alone. What a miracle!

Margie Mitchell

Note from Dan: I know Margie personally and know her story to be true. God is good!!!!