Pastor Phillips served the church he loved for over 45 years in a variety of pastoral and leadership positions. Upon retiring he devoted the next ten years to sharing the message of righteousness by faith and the more abundant life that had been so life-changing for him. In these revivals his wife Dorothy was his constant companion. He was a popular speaker and many individuals experienced new life as a result. Most of the time he held one-week revivals that typically consisted of nine to ten sessions. Fortunately many of these revivals were recorded and thus preserved for our use.

My Relationship to Pastor Phillips

I became personally acquainted with pastor Phillips in 1978 when I invited him to hold a week of prayer at Andrews University. From that time we began corresponding and sharing varioius studies back and forth. Over the years he sent me tapes of his series, as well as a manuscript that he had not been able to publish.

My understanding of righteousness by faith was established by Elder Phillips; it changed my life and has impacted my teaching on the subject ever since.

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