God Rewards the Paying of a Faithful Tithe

"'Bring ALL the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house, and try Me now in this,' says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it.'" Mal. 3:10

On a Saturday Liz and I came to church. We did not tithe that week because we made a choice to spend the money on some things for our house that we wanted rather than giving the money for tithe. We had been struggling because we really wanted some things for our new home and taking money from the tithe envelope was the easiest place to get it. This was the first time in years that we didn’t tithe. We decided to stop tithing even though we were sure that because of our faithful tithing we were able to buy our first house when, at one point, it seemed we would never be able to. Yet we used all of the tithe money that week.

Well on that following Monday my boss told me to start looking for another job because he was having financial difficulties. I knew that financially the office had not been doing well for years, but I always felt secure that I would have a job there. It’s like God had his hand on the situation the whole time, and once I decided not to follow his way (that I knew was right) the protection of my job was gone.

I think the message hit home when I told my mom I was losing my job and she said everything would be ok because I was tithing. Then I told her that I stopped that weekend. The questions that go thru your head about your relationship with God. The shame you feel when you do wrong. The loneliness you feel when you’ve gone against God and no longer have that close relationship with Him. After a month or so of looking for another job I re-read the verses in Malachi and realized that the Israelites stopped tithing although they knew it was right and that God promised blessings to Israel if they turned around and starting tithing again. My exact situation!

It was after reading about Israel’s experience that I made up our new budget and figured out exactly how much money that I would need to make in order to pay our bills. In that budget I included money for tithe. Initially when I was figuring a budget, I struggled with the tithe and figured that I would stop tithing because we wouldn’t have enough money to pay our bills. However on that Wednesday night I decided in my heart that I would tithe no matter what that meant. The very next day, on Thursday, Ireceiveda phone call from an office where I had dropped off a resume weeks earlier. They wanted to interview me for a position that day. I went to the interview and they offered me the job that night, offered me $2 more per hour than what the position pays, and would be paying me the EXACT hourly amount that we needed in order to pay our bills and tithe. I think God was waiting for me to make up my mind with what I was going to do. Once I made up my mind he gave me the new job instantly.

It’s interesting to think about how God works. I had been very unhappy in my previous job, but I stayed there for years because I felt it was stable and I was making good money. I wanted out, and I prayed numerous times for God to help me find another job. But I never made any effort to find another job. It is interesting that it was years before my prayers were answered to find a new job, and it was thru this situation that it was answered. Even though I disobeyed God and His will, he answered my prayers and re-emphasized the importance of following Him in all things.

God is good. He wants the best for us. If only we would just stay close to him and do His will. It’s for our own good.