Student Feedback of Prior Sessions

“This semester has been one of marvelous spiritual growth for me. These concepts have made my personal spiritual life thrive in a new, fresh way. What I have learned in this class has helped me make connections between ideas and my own practical spirituality that I hadn’t had before.”

“As we were proceeding towards the Post-Lutheran Reformation, we all felt that the quality of this class lies in this area. We had exciting coverage on Pietists and amazing lectures on Revivalists and Great Missionaries. I must say I was ENORMOUSLY enjoying these lectures.”

“I was very glad to hear from you and to know that you are preparing to teach the History of Christian Spirituality.  This class did so much for me personally that I still marvel each time I hear names such as George Müller, J.C. Ryle and others.  This was my first exposure to these men and I love them.  Their life stories are very encouraging and there is so much to learn from them.  At this present moment we are preparing for an evangelistic effort in April of next year and part of the preparation for this is using the book Taking Men Alive by Charles Trumbull.”

“I think that my own personal spirituality was at one of its all time driest points when I saw the signs for this class.  Something about looking back to the development of spirituality and studying people who had a deep impact on spirituality was incredibly attractive to me (in the way that CPR is attractive to someone who can’t breath – desperation and hope that someone will intervene all rolled together).  I was hoping that going back to the basics, I would be able to find the source again – a little breathing room – just some air. In the readings and in the meetings with the professors I hit upon that jumpstart of hope I was looking for.  I found reassurance of the powerful working of God in the world and for His people.  I uncovered some of the practices that kept the people grounded in their personal relationship with God and their ministries.  I think the real treasure of this journey is that I remembered the God that attracts me, pursues me and wants my whole life, the God who has use of me and a plan for my hope and my future.  Peeking into other people’s conversions and lives of service also reignited my search for spiritual formation. Although not much has changed, everything has changed.”

“I hope you had a blessed time with the students there in AA. The class you taught was one of the most helpful for my personal walk with Christ.”

“I thank God for using you and Dr. Moon in this class. I have been greatly blessed these couple of weeks (unbelievably blessed). I know God will continue to bless your ministry. I believe I will be in contact with you in the future through the internet. Your website has great things that I will lead people to and already have. Thanks for your ministry.”